5+ Ways to drink more water

5+ Ways to Drink More Water

Over the past several months, I’ve gotten a lot better at staying hydrated. It really has made a difference—I feel better in general, my skin is clearer, my lips are chapped less often…the list goes on!  In my efforts, I’ve come across countless ways to drink more water.  Try one or test out a few of my favourites and see what works to keep you hydrated!

Find a water bottle you absolutely love.

Carry it with you.  Decorate it.  Love it.  Drink out of it constantly.

Currently, I’m using a combination of a Cirkul bottle, a large tumbler, and a BrüMate Winesulator and Infinity straw to try and drink more water That’s the magic of BrüMate—I can sip an entire bottle of wine or a good chunk of my daily water quota, as the occasion dictates!

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Next up on my list? One or two of these gorgeous tumblers & bottles by Tervis and a HydroFlask!

Make it fun!

Use that favourite bottle. Get a fancy straw or just one that makes you smile (like those below!). Whatever it takes to make drinking water a little more fun, do it. The less it feels like a chore, the easier it will be for you to stay hydrated.

Add some flavour.

A bit of healthy flavour will go a long way in making your water more palatable! Add a slice of lemon, lime, or cucumber. Throw in some fresh mint or another herb. Test out your favourite fruit or vegetable. If you enjoy an essential oil (that’s safe for consumption, of course, and in an oil-friendly bottle), you’ll find even more flavour varieties. You can even invest in a special bottle to infuse your go-to flavours into your water. Or, try Cirkul’s unique system for an even simpler tool.

Mark up that bottle.

Divide your bottle into increments and mark each with the time by which you’d like to drink it, the ounces at that level, or just motivational quotes.  Challenge yourself to meet that goal each day! You can find bottles that are pre-marked or DIY your own.

Keep track.

Use a bullet journal?  Add a spread for your daily water intake!  More technologically savvy?  Try an app like Plant Nanny (my personal favourite!) or set yourself regular reminders to take a few swigs.

I’ve incorporated a water tracker into my bullet journal a few times, but I’ve found that using Plant Nanny alongside MyFitnessPal and Fitbit has worked best for me.

Looking for more of my favourite healthy lifestyle apps?

Add it to your existing routine.

You’re going to eat sometime today, right?  Why not plan to drink a cup of water just before or one just after? How about a glass right before you wake up or right before you go to bed?  Habit stacking works for not just drinking more water, but adding any new habit to your daily routine.

Have you tried one of my go-to ways to drink more water, or do you have another tip you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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