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If you’re looking to create the life of your dreams, you’ve come to the right place. An Ideal Life is a lifestyle blog sharing my journey of creating my ideal life and inspiring yours along the way.

In particular, I’m working to create an ideal life as a disabled millennial—with all the challenges that come along with these parts of my identity. Terrifying student loan payments? I’ve got them! A pill organiser I *usually* remember to fill? That’s behind the scenes here, too.

The blog includes my favorite products and recipes, tips & tricks I’ve tried, and the tools I’ve utilised along the way. I don’t expect perfection in my own efforts and certainly won’t pressure you to either. But, if you’re looking for ideas, inspiration, or a virtual friend that’s looking to improve alongside you, I’m here to do just that.

Need a tasty vegan recipe? We’ve got you covered. Tips for being more frugal? They’re aplenty. Movie suggestions, crystal recommendations, or other new ideas to try? You got it.

Follow along and create your ideal life:

About Juliette

Hi! I’m Juliette, the face behind An Ideal Life. I’m a fur mom, writer, poet, spoonie, vegan, and, of course, lifestyle blogger! As I dove into the worlds of personal development, healthy living, spirituality, and other factors that make up my version of an “ideal life,” I couldn’t help wanting to share my journey and what I’ve learnt along the way. And, with years of blogging and writing experience behind me, this website was the perfect way to do just that!

I’ve published six books of poetry to date and run a small press and literary magazine, Nightingale & Sparrow as well as a book blog, Pencils and Pages. My day job is in SEO content creation, and I’m also a freelancer, creating web content, social media copy, and other copy for a variety of clients and brands.

About Juliette @ An Ideal Life

I love all things cosy, coffee, cats, and Tiffany & Co. When I’m not writing, blogging, or working on other projects, you’ll find me snuggled up with my cat (and ESA), Fitz, playing Stardew Valley, or reorganising my bookshelves for the umpteenth time.