Trello Review

Trello Review: The Tool That’s Super-Charged My Productivity

Quite frankly, I haven’t shut up about Trello as of late.  The online task management system is one of many that I’ve tried, but it’s one I’ve not only stuck with but have enjoyed using!  Want to know more? Read on for our Trello review to learn how it’s super-charged my productivity—and how it can do the same for you!

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So, firstly:  I love Trello. I didn’t really expect to, though!  If you’ve been on the blog a while, you’ll already know I’m hooked on bullet journaling. After several failed attempts at digital task management systems, I was far from convinced.  But, I’d read so many glowing reviews of Trello that I took a chance and made an account.

The first feature that nearly convinced me? Their adorable mascot, Taco the husky!

If you know me, you know the surest way to my heart is through cute animals.  That applies to animated animals as well!

From there, though, the functionality is what sold me on Trello.  It works so well with my bullet journal, too!

Looking at my own boards, here are some of my favourite features:

Colour coding

The labels, or the coloured marks at the top left of each card (each item on my lists), are the feature I’ve probably found most helpful so far!  I love categorising and organising (surprise, surprise, right?), so the ability to mark my to-do items so that I can identify their relevance at a glance is perfect.

Trello Review Lists

Due dates

If you look at the third column or the “Done” list on my board, you’d see that the completed card’s date is marked in green.  This is because I’ve completed it before the due date!  I love the feeling of checking off an item and getting the little green box.

I don’t use it myself, but you can even add a calendar “power-up” to see all of your due items in calendar format!  


I’d be remiss to craft a Trello review and not offer an explanation, however brief, of how I utilise the columns, or lists, on each board!  By using a basic “To Do/Done” format, I get to plan what needs to be worked on as well as feel good about what’s already been accomplished.

On other boards, I take it a step further in utilising “To Do Today/This Week/This Month” lists, much like in my bullet journal!  This allows me to keep the “To Do Today” list manageable without letting those long-term items slip from my mind.

Trello Review Checklists


Within each card, you can add a description, comments, or other useful bits, but my favourite is the ability to add checklists!  For repetitive tasks (like promoting a post on social media channels, for example), you can even input a checklist from a pre-existing card.  Talk about efficiency!

Card View

This is probably my most frequently used bit of Trello. Once I’ve input my tasks on the proper boards, I’ll go to “Cards” (click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner, or “Home” in the iOS app) to see them all laid out.  Sorting by due date, I can prioritise what I really need to be working on at that moment.

Trello Review Cards

Have you tried out Trello for yourself? Or has our Trello review convinced you to give it a try?  Let us know in the comments!

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