Witchy One by Una Spirit Spiritual Subscription Box Review

A Spiritual Subscription Box Review: Witchy One by Una Spirit (now Alchemy Jewels by Eartha’s Cabinet)

I’ve been a Cratejoy fan for quite some time, but I’d never actually subscribed to a box for myself. That is, I hadn’t subscribed to a box until a few weeks ago. After I browsed different shops for my witchy Etsy haul, I kept looking at boxes in particular—mystery boxes and curated kits alike. That’s part of the reason I loved WitheringEye’s spell kits! Then that got me thinking—what if I could get a similar bit of joy every few weeks? So, when I stumbled across the Witchy One box, I was intrigued. Two boxes in, I—like any good blogger—decided a spiritual subscription box review was in order!

Note: Witchy One has rebranded! The new My Amulets Box is available through Eartha’s Cabinet.

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At some point, I really need to write a post about being a disabled/neurodivergent witch. I think we really do have a unique take on practicing magick! For one, it’s definitely made me appreciate tools like the ones in this subscription box a little extra. Anything that makes it easier to practice my craft from bed is a win in my book!

About Witchy One

With the tagline of “intentional jewelry for magical women,” it’s hardly a surprise that this subscription box by Una Spirit is right up my alley. I love all things magickal—herbs, crystals, candles, and so on. Each curated box comes with a few items carefully chosen by the shop’s owner. In fact, you’ll find them referencing their decision-making process in response to customer comments as well as outlined in the box itself. In fact, the cards outlining what’s in the box are one of my favourite aspects of each month’s offerings!

My Witchy One Spiritual Subscription Box Review

As of this writing, I’ve received two Witchy One boxes (and, spoiler alert, loved them both). I can hardly wait to see what arrives in the next!


Given the tagline for this subscription box, it’s no surprise that each box has some beautiful, intentional jewellery.

The first box I received included these beautiful earrings. Tiger’s eye is one of my favourite stones, and has a lot of personal meaning, too. Because this was my very first Witchy One shipment, I was pleasantly surprised with these. They were packaged beautifully and it was clear that Una Spirit puts a lot of energy into crafting each box.

Tiger’s Eye Earrings Witchy One Review Una Spirit Subscription Box

That same box contained what was, at just a glance, the most “me” item they could have included—a locket shaped like a book! Longtime readers will know that books are pretty much my favourite thing (I’ve had six published so far!), and close friend and family in real life will know my lifelong love of lockets. What made this even more special, though, is that it’s actually a locket devoted to the goddess Isis.


Isis isn’t a goddess I’ve worked with much, but I’m thinking I might be meant to. Ever since I visited Hyde Park’s statue of Her, I’ve seen more and more signs in my day-to-day life. With this locket so perfectly “made for me,” it’s hard not to think it’s yet another sign calling to me!


In my most recent box, the curation once again seemed as though they know me personally. Garnet is another stone with a lot of sentimental attachment, and this style of pendant is one of my favourites. I love the aged look of the metal!

Garnet Rhodonite Witchy One Review Una Spirit Subscription Box

Crystals & Stones

Crystals were probably the aspect that most drew me to the Witchy One box—I love them, especially when there’s a beautiful mystery stone to discover!

The first box came with this striking agate cobra. Coincidentally enough, my sister’s been collecting similar figurines for years. Paired with the snake’s association with Hekate, this was another wonderful addition!

Agate Cobra Witchy One Review Una Spirit Subscription Box

Similarly, this aventurine skull captured my heart in an instant. I recently felt called to Santa Muerte, and skulls are a major association of Nuestra Señora. And, of course, it’s lovely in a more general sense, too!

Witchy One by Una Spirit Review

Along with the aventurine skull, my second Witchy One shipment contained two other stones. The raw blue calcite is perfectly timed, as I’ve had a stressful couple of months between health concerns and other chaos.

The orthoceras fossil, came as a particular surprise. I instantly noticed its energy being markedly different than your typical crystal, so it made sense that this was actually a fossil. This offered another memory of my baby sister, who absolutely adores cephalopods! She just might need a subscription of her own soon—and maybe her own Witchy One review?


If you’ve been following my blogs a while, you probably know of my love for various teas (and coffee). It’s no surprise that the teas in these Witchy One boxes are one of my favourite aspects! The Tazo Passion in the first box is one of my mom’s go-tos, while chai in any for is a personal top pick.

Other Witchy Supplies

Witchy One Box Una Spirit Review

Alongside crystals, stones, tea, and jewellery, Una Spirit includes a few other goodies in their subscription box. I’d be remiss not to include these in my Witchy One review!

In my first box, these other magickal supplies included a Graceful Warrior Incantation card and a candle made with various herbs and petals. The candle is probably the only piece that I didn’t love, and that’s only a personal preference—it’s absolutely beautiful but, being a longtime vegan, I’m not sure I can bring myself to use a beeswax candle. But, even so, it’s clear that these are yet another aspect of this subscription that’s incredibly well thought out!

My only other “complaint?” I’ve got a pretty bad fear of butterflies and they adorn each box pretty heavily. Obviously, this is a pretty niche issue, so it’s hardly a real detriment to the subscription! But, on the off-chance someone else shares my fear, a warning won’t hurt.

All-in-all, I absolute love this spiritual subscription box. Witchy One really was the perfect choice for my first time subscribing through Cratejoy! It’s worth noting, too, that Cratejoymakes that subscription process super simple. I thought I’d have to cancel my subscription due to some budgetary constraints a few weeks back, but straightened those out more quickly than expected. In between, cancelling and restarting by subscription was as easy as hitting a button!

I really can’t say enough good things about the Witchy One box by Una Spirit, or the process of subscribing through Cratejoy.

Did my Witchy One review convince you to try this spiritual subscription box for yourself? Be sure to let us know how much you love its contents when you receive your first shipment!

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