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  • 1-800-FLOWERS Affiliate


    1-800-Flowers stands as a venerable institution in the realm of gifting, combining innovation with a heartfelt mission to deliver smiles and foster connections. With over 45 years of pioneering in the gift and floral industry, they’ve consistently embraced technology to enhance their offerings and reach, ensuring that each gift sends more than just an item—it…

  • AliExpress Affiliate


    AliExpress, a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group, revolutionizes the global retail landscape by connecting small businesses from China and other regions with international online buyers. Launched in 2010, the brand has grown into a leading online retail platform, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices. Unlike Amazon, this company serves as an intermediary,…

  • Ancestry Affiliate

    Ancestry stands as the world’s largest for-profit genealogy company, helping millions trace and explore their family history through a vast archive of historical records and advanced DNA testing services. Based in Lehi, Utah, the company has revolutionized the way we connect with our past, providing insights and building a network of over 25 million users…

  • Barnes and Noble Affiliate

    Barnes & Noble

    Barnes & Noble, America’s top book retailer, has evolved from a single bookstore into a vast network of locations across the country dedicated to enriching the lives of readers. With a history stretching back to 1971, the company has grown to offer an extensive array of books, eBooks, magazines, toys, games, and more, making it…

  • Books-A-Million


    Books-A-Million (BAM) has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a street corner newsstand in Florence, Alabama. Founded in 1917, BAM has expanded to become the second-largest book retailer in the United States, with over 260 stores across 32 states and the District of Columbia. From comprehensive retail offerings to robust wholesale and…

  • Bookshop Affiliate

    Bookshop is dedicated to strengthening the fabric of local communities by supporting independent bookstores across the globe. Launched in 2020 as an ethical alternative to large retail platforms, provides a tangible way for readers to contribute to the sustainability of their favorite local bookstores through their online purchases. Frequently Asked Questions Where does…

  • boscov’s affiliate


    Boscov’s stands out as America’s largest family-owned department store, with a rich history dating back to its humble beginnings in 1914 when Solomon Boscov started his business with integrity and a commitment to fair pricing in Reading, PA. Over the years, the brand has expanded to 48 stores across several states, maintaining its reputation for…

  • Canva Referral


    Canva is an innovative and user-friendly graphic design tool that transforms your ideas into stunning visual content. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, it offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making design accessible to everyone. With a vast library of templates, images, and fonts, Canva empowers you to create everything from eye-catching social media graphics and presentations to professional business materials and personal projects. Whether you’re crafting a blog header, designing a marketing brochure, or personalizing an invitation, Canva’s versatility and ease of use bring your vision to life effortlessly. Embrace creativity without limits – explore, design, and share with Canva.

  • Cat Harness With Leash

    Cat Harness with Leash

    This cat harness with leash is designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for your large to extra-large cat. This harness combines comfort, security, and convenience, making it perfect for everything from daily walks to vet visits. Cat Harness with Leash FAQ Is it OK to put a cat on a leash? Yes,…

  • Chewy Affiliate


    Chewy is committed to making pet care easy, affordable, and enjoyable with a vast selection of pet products and a dedicated customer service team ready to assist 24/7. Whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or new to the game, Chewy is your go-to resource for all things pets, offering a seamless shopping experience that ensures…

  • Chronic Coloring Book

    Chronic Coloring Book: 50 coloring pages inspired by chronic illness and neurodivergence

    This book contains 50 coloring pages, each inspired by a term associated with chronic illness or neurodivergence.

  • Cratejoy Affiliate


    Cratejoy enhances your life through the discovery of unique product experiences catered to your passions! We feature the most exciting gifts and subscriptions in the world, conveniently all in one place. That’s why this is the ultimate destination to feed your interests and bring joy to your doorstep. What Kind of Cratejoy Are You? Do…

  • Crayola Confetti Crayons

    Crayola Confetti Crayons

    Elevate your everyday art with Crayola confetti crayons, perfect for artists aged 4 and up! Ideal for arts and crafts, coloring books, and other imaginative pursuits, these crayons offer a burst of creativity through bits of vibrant color. Confetti Crayons Features 8 Unique Colors: Dive into a world of color with sets of 8 crayons,…

  • Crayola Pastel Crayons

    Crayola Pastel Crayons

    Enjoy the classic quality of Crayola with a delightful twist with these pastel crayons! These 8-count packs feature gorgeous pastel colors that captivate both kids and adults alike. Perfect for various settings, including school, daycare centers, home, and beyond, these crayons bring a touch of softness to your artistic endeavors. These pastel crayons are ideal…

  • Crayola Pearl Crayons

    Crayola Pearl Crayons

    Immerse your creative side in a more vibrant world with Crayola pearl crayons, a unique art tool that brings joy to artists of all ages! These special crayons boast a pearlescent sheen, enhancing each color with a captivating shimmer. Discover the shimmering joy of Crayola pearl crayons with a case of 48 online or individual…

  • Cricut Affiliate


    Cricut aims to help people lead creative lives by providing tools that make do-it-yourself projects beautiful, fun, and easy. The first cutting machine was built with the potential to transform the way people think about crafting, designing, and making. Since then, the company has continued to innovate with new machines, materials, and tools, inspiring users…