Crayola Pearl Crayons


Immerse your creative side in a more vibrant world with Crayola pearl crayons, a unique art tool that brings joy to artists of all ages! These special crayons boast a pearlescent sheen, enhancing each color with a captivating shimmer.

Discover the shimmering joy of Crayola pearl crayons with a case of 48 online or individual 8-packs at your local Dollar Tree.

Pearl Crayons Features

  • Pearlescent Palette: This set of 8 crayons in pearlescent colors introduces a mesmerizing shine and texture that transforms under different lighting conditions.
  • Double-Wrapped and Durable: Double-wrapped for extra strength, these crayons are ideal for even the youngest artists. Packed in a reusable tuck box, they’re perfect for on-the-go coloring adventures.
  • Versatile Coloring Experience: Experiment with different effects by drawing on dark, light, and colored paper, unleashing a world of possibilities for your art.
  • Ideal for All Ages: Designed for ages 4 and up, these pearl crayons provide a delightful and safe art experience for the entire family.

Free Pearl Crayon Coloring Chart

Print Crayola’s free Pearl Crayon Coloring Chart to create your personalized color swatch sheet, adding an extra layer of excitement to your artistic journey.

Coloring Chart

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