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Touchland powerfully reimagines the everyday act of hand sanitization into an enjoyable, essential ritual. By combining innovative design with award-winning formulations, Touchland hand sanitizer elevates personal care to an experience that not only ensures health and safety but also adds a touch of joy and luxury to daily routines. Founded by Andrea Lisbona, Touchland has revolutionized the hand sanitizer market, making it a staple in over 4,000 retail doors across the US, including Sephora, ULTA, and Target.

Touchland Hand Sanitizer FAQ

What is special about Touchland?

Touchland stands out for its beauty award-winning formula, sleek design, and commitment to making hand sanitization a pleasurable, skin-care-forward ritual.

Is Touchland reusable?

While Touchland’s products are designed for single use to prevent cross-contamination, the brand is committed to sustainability and exploring refillable options for the future.

Why is Touchland not refillable?

Currently, to avoid cross-contamination and maintain the highest hygiene standards, Touchland products are not refillable. However, the brand is actively seeking sustainable, innovative solutions.

Is Touchland TSA approved?

Yes, Touchland’s sleek and compact design complies with TSA guidelines, making it travel-friendly.

Does Touchland sanitize?

Absolutely! Touchland hand sanitizers are designed to effectively kill most common germs, ensuring your hands stay clean and sanitized without the need for water or soap.

Is Touchland sanitizer effective?

Yes, Touchland hand sanitizers are formulated to meet CDC guidelines for alcohol content, making them effective against most germs and bacteria.

Who owns Touchland?

Touchland was founded by Andrea Lisbona, a visionary entrepreneur who launched the brand with a mission to revolutionize the hand sanitizer industry.

Where is Touchland based?

Originally founded in Barcelona, Spain, Touchland has since expanded its presence, especially in the United States, where it has become widely available in major retailers.

Is Touchland good for sensitive skin?

Yes, Touchland’s formula is designed to be gentle on the skin, incorporating moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera to hydrate without leaving a greasy feel, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Is Touchland eco-friendly?

Touchland is committed to sustainability, certified as a plastic neutral company, and continuously explores innovative materials and technologies to reduce environmental impact.

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