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Fabletics isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement. A movement that believes in the joy of motion, the beauty of diversity, and the right of everyone to feel fabulous in their activewear. From the gym to the streets and every moment in between, this company is dedicated to upgrading your lifestyle with fashion-forward, high-performance activewear that’s accessible to all.

Why Over 2.3 Million Members Join

Fabletics thrives because of its community. With over 2.3 million VIP members and counting, the brand stands as a testament to the power of active living, united by a shared love for style, comfort, and sustainability. From its humble beginnings in 2013 to now boasting 95 global retail locations, a CarbonNeutral® certification, and expanding into Men’s Activewear and Scrubs, they’re just getting started.

VIP Membership: Your All-Access Pass to Exclusive Perks

Becoming a Fabletics VIP Member unlocks a world of exclusive benefits and savings:
  • Incredible Discounts: Enjoy 20-50% off retail prices every day, including new arrivals every month.
  • Member Credits: The key to unlocking the best offers at unbeatable prices.
  • First Dibs: VIP access to limited-edition drops and celebrity collabs.
  • Loyalty Program: Earn points for rewards, cash off, and exclusive products.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: Skip the Monthly Member Credit whenever you want without losing VIP perks.
  • Cancel Anytime: Not feeling the VIP life? Cancel anytime easily online or by phone.

FAQ: All You Need to Know About Fabletics

Can I shop Fabletics without a membership?

Yes, you can buy from this brand without a membership, but you’ll miss out on VIP-exclusive discounts and perks.

Why is Fabletics charging me monthly?

The monthly charge is for your VIP Membership, which gives you a Monthly Member Credit and access to exclusive discounts and perks.

How much is Fabletics a month?

VIP Membership is currently $59.95, which is converted into a Monthly Member Credit for up to $100 in value.

Can I cancel my Fabletics membership?

Absolutely. You can cancel anytime by contacting customer service.

Can I return Fabletics items after wearing?

Fabletics has a specific return policy. It’s best to check the latest on their website for the most accurate information.

Why is Fabletics so popular?

Thanks to its blend of high-quality, stylish, and accessible activewear, plus a strong community and sustainable practices, they have won the hearts of over 2.3 million members worldwide.

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