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    Coursera is a leading online learning platform for higher education, where you can learn new skills, earn certifications, and even attain degrees from top universities and companies worldwide. Frequently Asked Questions Are Coursera courses free? Many of these courses are free to audit, allowing access to course materials. However, fees apply if you want to…

  • Duolingo Referral


    With over 1.2 billion learners seeking language proficiency and the opportunities that come with it, Duolingo is on a mission to make learning universally accessible and undeniably enjoyable. At Duolingo, learning is more than a task—it’s an adventure! Their methodology, backed by proven results and aligned with international standards, transforms language acquisition into an engaging…

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    Unlock the door to limitless knowledge and inspiration with MasterClass, a premier streaming platform offering insights, tools, and firsthand experiences from the world’s most accomplished individuals.

  • Morning brew

    Morning Brew

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    Passion Planner

    Passion Planner is a tool that helps you live a more purposeful and meaningful life. It is a physical and digital planner that allows you to track your goals, schedule your time, and reflect on your progress. Founder Angelia Trinidad created Passion Planner as a tool that would help you stay organized and achieve your goals….

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    Rosetta Stone

  • Skillshare Affiliate


    Skillshare is a website and online community that offers access to thousands of classes in a wide range of skills, from creative writing and cooking to data analysis and web development. Classes are taught by expert instructors and are available on-demand, so learners can learn at their own pace, on their own time. Skillshare is…

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    The Newsette

    The Newsette is an online magazine that covers the latest news and trends across a wide range of topics, from beauty and business to lifestyle and entertainment. They provide readers with an inspiring interview every day, delivered straight to your inbox. Plus, all of this content is delivered with a cheeky twist, making it fun…