Tools to Stay Productive While Bedridden

Tools for Being Productive While Bedridden

Chronic illness, pain, and disability can make even small tasks challenging on bad days. But with the right adaptive equipment, you can optimize comfort, accessibility, and efficiency when working from bed. This guide covers key products and technology to help you be productive while bedridden or bed bound, encouraging productivity and purpose even on tough days.

Lap Desks

Bamboo Bed Tray Table Lap Desk

Lap desks allow you to use devices and write steadily without hunching over. Look for desks with cushioned bottoms, adjustable legs, non-slip surfaces, and features like storage pockets. Alternatively, I love my bed tray table, which has legs that fit over my lap, so the cushioned bottom won’t be necessary.

Tablet Stands

Specialty tablet holders and mounts position your device for comfortable viewing and accessibility as you try to maximize your productivity. Options that bring screens closer to eye level will reduce neck and shoulder strain!

Clip Lights

Small clip-on ring lights eliminate unflattering shadows and illuminate you evenly for video calls and photos from bed. They easily attach to laptops, tablets and phones. Rechargeable battery-powered models are convenient—I use this book light, personally!

Cup Holders

Drink holders that attach to beds, walkers, and wheelchairs allow you to stay hydrated hands-free. Look for adjustable holders that can secure bottles, mugs, cans and cups of various sizes. I have a shelf just next to my bed, so I haven’t ordered this just yet—I do prioritize some bamboo coasters from Miss A, though!

Page Turners

Assuming you’re able to use them, reading on a tablet or e-reader in bed can strain your hands and wrists from prolonged holding. Page turner devices allow you to change pages hands-free with minimal effort. These tools help make reading e-books more accessible and comfortable. I can handle short reading sessions on my Kindle Paperwhite, and a page turner for it is on my wish list!

Writing Aids

Specialized pens, pencils and grips are spoonie-friendly productivity tools that can make handwriting easier from bed or beyond. Look for options that require minimal pressure and provide ergonomic, supportive grips.

Book Holders

Book stands keep reading standard reading materials upright and accessible hands-free. Look for adjustable holders with flexible positioning for maximum productivity.

Bedside Storage

Keep essential supplies neatly organized and within reach. This avoids wasting energy searching for misplaced items.

Adjustable Beds

Beds that can raise and lower the upper and lower sections electronically make it easier to get in optimal positions for comfort and function. This also helps makes activities like eating, reading, viewing devices easier.


Rechargeable book light

Proper lighting minimizes eye strain that can come from working in dim environments.

  • Adjustable reading light: Position adjustable gooseneck lights over shoulder for direct illumination.
  • Book light: Clip-on book lights illuminate pages evenly without glare.
  • Blue light-blocking glasses: Reduce exposure to sleep-disrupting blue light from devices. Available in prescription and non-prescription.

Voice Assistants

Voice-activated digital assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home allow you to automate tasks and operate devices hands-free with voice commands. Use them to take notes, set reminders and alarms, get information, play music/podcasts, control smart home devices like lights and thermostats, and more. Models like the Amazon Echo Show 5 have built-in screens for video, too.

Check out my picks for the top Alexa skills!

Speech to Text Apps

Apps like Otterai can transcribe pre-recorded audio or podcasts automatically into text transcripts that you can save, search, and share. Otter has a free basic version. Apps like Microsoft Dictation also provide real-time speech to text for live conversations and meetings, which are useful for note-taking. Apple devices even have the built-in capability to interact with the device with your voice!

Ergonomic Mice

Contoured ergonomic mice place the hand and wrist at a natural angle to prevent strain associated with regular mice. Vertical options position the hand upright in a handshake pose. Customizable buttons and scroll wheels make computing easier. Can pair with trackballs and wrist supports.

Portable Counter

Easy-press handheld counter devices allow you to track medication doses, counts for spoonie-friendly hobbies like knitting or crochet, and anything else that requires tallying while trying to be more productive while bedridden. Big button design permits counting with limited dexterity.

Timer Caps

Pill bottle caps with built-in digital timers can be pre-programmed to sound an alarm when it’s time for the next dose. This helps you remember to take medications properly from bed. Others have a manual slider to show whether you’ve taken a cap but give you an effective reminder of whether you’ve already taken your meds.


Daylight therapy lamps provide bright white light that mimics natural daylight without UV rays, which means they’re great for regulating circadian rhythms and easing seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Wake-up lights like Philips SmartSleep gently light up to awake you naturally, another key to being productive while bedridden. Adjustable color temperature lamps allow you to customize lighting to be warm and relaxing or energizing as needed.

Adjustable Phone Stands

Adjustable phone stands are an absolute asset for anyone trying to get work done, whether you’re getting through a typical workday or you’re trying to stay productive while bedridden. They allow you to position your smartphone at eye level hands-free for optimal viewing angles during video calls or media viewing.

Tablet/Phone Styluses

Styluses make it easier to navigate devices and apps with more precision when you have limited dexterity. Some even have handy clips to attach to devices, or like the Apple Pencil 2, connect directly to a device like an iPad. I still use the original Apple Pencil, and I love it! Any of these options can help with being productive while bedridden.

Bluetooth Keyboards

Pink Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Compact, portable Bluetooth keyboards allow you to type more comfortably on phones/tablets without straining your hands, so you can stay productive even when you’re stuck in bed. My Samsers keyboard is finally giving up after 14 months and well over a million words, so I’ll be shopping for exactly this asset soon.

Smart Plugs

Plugging devices like lamps into a smart plug allows you to control them via voice commands or an app without getting out of bed, which are an undeniable tool for being productive while bedridden. This is so helpful for limited mobility! I also use smart bulbs in my overhead lighting, meaning I can get ready for bed without having to walk across the room if I’m in pain—I only need to tell Alexa “good night!”

With the right assistive bedside gear, you can work, communicate, read, write, and manage everyday responsibilities from the comfort of bed when needed. Experiment with different products to find the best solutions for staying productive while bedridden. Small adaptations can make a big difference in maintaining purpose and avoiding isolation even through health challenges.

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