The Best Planners for Spoonies

The Best Planners for Spoonies

Being a “spoonie” often means managing limited energy and dealing with symptoms that can fluctuate day-to-day. That’s why having the right tools, like a helpful planner, can make a big difference in staying organized, on top of self-care, and maintaining a sense of control. For those of us with chronic illness, finding planners for spoonies that are flexible, supportive, and even inspiring can be life-changing.

What is a spoonie, anyway?

When looking for a planner, it’s important to consider your individual needs and priorities. Do you want space to track appointments, symptoms, and self-care practices? Are you looking for something that can be easily customized? Would an uplifting, encouraging planner help motivate you? Here are some top planners for spoonies along with key features to consider:

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Passion Planners for Spoonies

Flexible and customizable, the Passion Planner helps you set and crush goals while taking care of your physical and mental health. It combines goal-setting, habit tracking, and scheduling with self-care logging like hydration, nutrition, exercise, and sleep. You can also track symptoms and customize your layout. Add-ons like sticker packs, journals, and even erasable pens allow you to accessorize.

Key Features:

  • Undated & customizable options
  • Daily self-care tracking
  • Monthly & weekly views
  • Goal-setting tools & tracking
  • Extensive add-ons/accessories

Passion Planner offers both a Weekly and a Daily planner to suit different planning styles, including Monday and Sunday start options and undated, academic, and annual formats. All of the above include signature goal-setting frameworks like the Passion Roadmap and thought-provoking self-reflections. With unlimited customization and accessories, Passion Planner empowers intentional living.

Passion Planner Digital for Spoonies

For spoonies who prefer digital planning, the Passion Planner Digital combines the features of the traditional planners for spoonies in an easy-to-use version you can add to apps like Goodnotes. It allows you to create customized spreads to track symptoms, appointments, fitness, nutrition and more. You can also block time for self-care and your particular priorities. The daily, weekly, and monthly views keep you organized, while the journals facilitate reflection. Premium features include goal timers and habit trackers.

Key Features:

  • Digital version of original planner
  • Customizable templates
  • Schedule time for priorities & self-care
  • Productivity tools & positive psychology

The Passion Planner Digital brings the intentionality and reflection of the paper planner to your favorite devices. With features like the Passion Roadmap, Monthly Reflections, and customizable layouts, it empowers purposeful planning on the go.

Happy Downloads for Spoonies

These customizable digital planners may not be designed specifically as planners for spoonies, but they may as well be. In Happy Downloads planners, are weekly, monthly, and daily layouts with space to track symptoms, mood, sleep, self-care, and appointments. You can customize based on your needs and add your planner to a platform like Goodnotes, adding your own touches. Happy Downloads also offers health workbooks and journals to complement the planners, as well as hundreds of different stickers, which may well be my personal favorite aspect!

Key Features:

  • Customizable planners
  • Symptom and self-care tracking space
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly options
  • Additional journals & workbooks

Created by a true digital planning enthusiast, Happy Downloads offers customized planners that are easily tailored for the needs of spoonies. With a variety of different formats and space to log health details and more, these planners provide flexibility and functionality.

At-A-Glance Planners for Spoonies

This classic daily planner has flexible undated formats perfect for spoonies. With half-hour time slots, you can schedule priorities, appointments, and time for rest with At-A-Glance planners for spoonies. They come in portable sizes with monthly overviews and note sections, as well as calendars, notebooks & padfolios, and more.

Key Features:

  • Undated daily pages in 30 min increments
  • Monthly overviews
  • Note sections for symptoms, etc.
  • Portable sizes

As a leading maker of planners and calendars in the US and Canada, AT-A-Glance is known for its premium quality and helpful organization tools. The undated daily planners provide ample scheduling space while offering customization and portability for spoonies.

Day Designer Planners for Spoonies

Day Designer planners combine scheduling, goal-setting, and self-reflection. In addition to open daily pages, they feature monthly and weekly layouts, as well as sections for gratitude, priorities, action items, and notes. Hard bound styles offer premium designs in bold colors.

Key Features:

  • Schedule & reflect in one place
  • Hard bound premium design
  • Monthly & weekly overviews
  • Undated versions available
  • Notes section for symptoms/care
  • Downloads match any planner

With beautiful designs and helpful frameworks, Day Designer planners empower purposeful living. Undated options, note sections, and downloadable inserts provide flexibility alongside goal-setting and scheduling features.

Day-Timer Planners for Spoonies

Known for hyper-flexible planning, Day-Timer offers customized plannersystems. Mix and match organizer components based on your needs. For spoonies, the Two Pages Per Day format provides ample space for priorities, self-care, and appointments while the TimeTracker allows detailed scheduling. Letter-sized and portable options available.

Key Features:

  • Build your own planner system
  • Two Pages Per Day maximize space
  • TimeTracker for detailed scheduling
  • Customizable options
  • Letter-sized and portable planners

For over 70 years, Day-Timer has pioneered personalized planning systems. By mixing and matching planner components, spoonies can create a customized system to fit their needs whether that’s maximizing space with Two Pages Per Day or detailed scheduling with TimeTracker.

Rocketbook Everyday Planners for Spoonies

The 42-page Rocketbook Everyday Planner combines analog layouts with digital functionality. It allows you to hand write your plans then scan pages to the cloud. You can sync scans across devices and rewrite pages endlessly with the Pilot Frixion pen. Monthly and daily views provide planning space.

Key Features:

  • Handwrite plans & scan to cloud
  • Reusable pages with Pilot Frixion pen
  • App syncs scans across devices
  • Monthly & daily layouts

The reusable Rocketbook Everyday Planner offers guilt-free planning with undated analog templates and digital organization. Erase pages endlessly with the Frixion pen to adapt your planner anytime.

When choosing the right planner, identify your must-have features, from symptom tracking to motivational quotes. Consider your particular symptoms and energy levels. Do you need digital accessibility? Portability? Think about your goals and priorities and how a planner can help support them. Look for ones with flexibility that allow you to customize and start any time, as abilities can fluctuate. Read reviews to get a sense of what real spoonies find useful. With the perfect planner, you can feel more in control and design days that support your health and purpose. Remember to listen to your mind and body as you use it, modifying as needed. A planner than empowers you to balance self-care and purpose can make a big difference as you navigate life with chronic illness.

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