The Best Professional & Personal Development Books on my TBR

The Best Professional and Personal Development Books on My TBR

Recently, I had some spare funds to invest in my businesses. My freelance services were my top priority, but I’m hoping to help An Ideal Life, my writing, and Nightingale & Sparrow, too. As a writer and enthusiastic reader, books were, of course, at the top of my wish list! With that in mind, I chose some of the best professional and personal development books on my TBR and ordered quite the book haul.

I’m balancing these reads with my Pencils & Pages reviews and my personal reading, so I’ve only made my way through a few of these so far. But I’m so excited to dive in further!

Some of these have been on my wish list for literal years, through recommendations in podcasts, webinars, YouTube videos, and other books. I came across others while compiling this haul, thanks to their subject matter, author, and/or glowing reviews. There are even a few here that I was previously given a chance to review on NetGalley! My health issues mean digital copies take me much longer to read. So, I decided to indulge in print copies of a few I’ve started to enjoy, both to review them in a more timely manner and to support their authors.

Curious about the other books I’m reading? I’ve got a post for that! 

Rather than presenting a lengthy “best professional and personal development books” list, I’ve separated this post into categories.  Of course, there’s plenty of overlap! First up, we’ve got books focused primarily on productivity. Then, there are some more general personal development books covering topics like creativity and well-being. Next, we have some books targeted to entrepreneurs and freelancers, looking at business, balance, courage, and best practices. Additionally, I ordered an assortment of books targeted to authors and creative writers–perhaps a topic for a future post here or on Pencils & Pages?

I fall into these target audiences and look to these subjects frequently, not just in professional and personal development books but in all mediums. Still, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that books have a special place in my heart! After all, I have a separate blog specifically for book reviews and have written quite a few of my own (with more to come!).

Best Productivity Books

Best Productivity Books

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Best Personal Development Books

Best Personal Development Books (1)

Best Personal Development Books (2)

Best Books for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Best Books for Entrepreneurs

Best Books for Freelancers

Of course, there are more professional and personal development books on my wish list and TBR—but I’ve got plenty of reading to do before investing in another haul!

Do you have any other professional or personal development books you’d recommend? Anxiously Awaiting my thoughts on a particular title? Let me know in the comments or at @anideallifeblog!

Mini - An Ideal Life
Mini - An Ideal Life
Mini - An Ideal Life

Books I'm Reading

Books I’m Reading

One of the items on my 101 in 1,001 list is to read 300 books in the next ~2.75 years. Like any good blogger, I plan to share the books I’m reading with you here!

I’ll include my “currently reading” list here, and create a list of those I’ve finished below as I make my way through them.

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Books I’m reading right now:

Books I’ve Read So Far:

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Looking for even more books to read? I have six poetry books available, with topics from Fitz (my Emotional Support cat) to Anne Boleyn!