Healthy Lifestyle Apps

The Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps I Use Every Day

For a while now, I’ve been trying to be healthier. From working out regularly and monitoring what I eat to staying on top of vitamins and medications, I’ve found that my smartphone is an invaluable tool, thanks to some of the best healthy lifestyle apps I’ve used so far.

If you have a history of disordered eating or other conditions, some of these apps might not be a good fit. Be sure to consult your doctor with any concerns and remember: these recommendations are solely based on my own experience—I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, or other professional, just someone trying to be more healthy in her own life.

See our disclaimer for more information.

I use an iPhone, so these are all apps that are available in the Apple app store. If you use an Android or other OS, check your app store of choice for these apps or something similar!

Nutrition apps


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal is one of the healthy lifestyle apps I use every day. My top use for this app is tracking my nutrition. Pre-packaged items are super simple—just scan the barcode and double-check that the provided nutritional information is correct. But fresh, barcode-free foods are easy to log, too. You can manually enter individual items or use the meal and recipe functions to make logging your go-tos a little simpler.

I’ve connected my MyFitnessPal account to Fitbit to sync my MFP food logs to Fitbit’s tracker and set my daily calorie goals based on the basal metabolic rate (BMR) provided by my Fitdays measurements. Prefer to log your food from your laptop? Try their desktop website rather than the app. I’ve found that’s a lot easier when it comes to inputting recipes, especially!


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Chefling

Chefling is a recent addition to my list of go-to healthy lifestyle apps but it’s quickly proving to be a favorite. Billed as “your smart kitchen assistant,” Chefling offers meal planning tools, recipes, pantry management, and more.

Special dietary needs? You’re in luck. Chefling features a setting for diet preferences, with lifestyle options like vegan, paleo, or keto, health diets like no-oil, low-sodium, or high-fiber, allergen-free options, and even disliked ingredients. Avoid anaphylaxis or just stay away from mushrooms because you think they’re yucky. Either way, Chefling offers recipes and more for you to take control of your meal planning and overall diet.

Plan your meals for the week ahead and even set a reminder to schedule your recipes each week. Keep track of what you have on hand and create a shared shopping list to make sure you have everything you’ll need. Chefling can do all of that and more!


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Zero

Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Fastic

I’ve been using Zero and Fastic pretty interchangeably. I started just trying to compare the two, after having them both recommended to me. But, so far, I haven’t picked one as my favourite, so I return to both of them!

Unlike typical intermittent fasting, I don’t aim to hit ketosis or the other stages of fasting when I use these apps. Instead, I have a simple goal. I’ve long since noticed that I tend to eat more not-so-healthy foods at night, be it a sudden craving for chips or a late-night deadline urging me to stress eat the nearest cookie. By fasting from 8 or 9 pm on, I have a built-in constraint that keeps me from needlessly snacking—and lets my diet be a bit healthier.

Plant Nanny

Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Plant Nanny

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know my love for Plant Nanny. I’ve never been very good at staying hydrated, but this app makes all the difference. But watering an adorable plant (with a face!)? That’s something I’m better at. From saving up seeds to grow new plants to keeping my current plant happy, I love how Plant Nanny motivates me to drink more water. I’ve connected the app to my Apple Health profile and log my daily total in MyFitness Pal, too, which then adds it to Fitbit as well.

Between Plant Nanny, my favourite BrüMates, and some easy strategies for drinking more water, I’m able to drink about a gallon a day more often than not!

Exercise apps

Down Dog Yoga

Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Down Dog Yoga

In addition to my physical chronic illnesses, I live with an assortment of mental health issues. Yoga helps me ease all of the above! From stretching out my notoriously tight hamstrings to calming my mind in savasana, yoga helps me feel better and be healthier.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Down Dog offered a free short-term subscription to their yoga app and I fell in love. Once that trial period ended, they were kind enough to offer me a few more complementary months, as I’d lost most of my freelance work thanks to the coronavirus. Once I had the funds later in the year, I was quick to invest in a subscription! With calming background music, helpful boosts, and customisable sessions, Down Dog Yoga is one of my all-time favourite healthy lifestyle apps.

Charity Miles

Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Charity Miles

I’m not sure I’d call myself a runner in the traditional sense. With chronic pain, migraine, and other issues popping up regularly, it’s hard to commit to a running routine. But, when I do set out to walk a bit more than needed (admittedly, this is pacing through the kitchen more often than not!) or spend some time on the treadmill, I love being able to not just help myself but give back in the process. Charity Miles is a great tool for doing just that! As always, be sure to research the charity you choose. For example, Autism Speaks (which many autistic people have deemed problematic) is listed as a possible charity to donate miles to. Choose a charity that you genuinely want to support—I’m currently donating to World Wildlife Fund!

Charity Miles’ founder and CEO, Gene Gurkoff, has recently started a Sleep For Charity beta program, too. I’ve struggled with committing this one, thanks to some late nights of work, but I’m determined to get on board with some of these better sleep habits. In fact, getting more sleep is an item on my 101 in 1,001 list!


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - C25k

While I’m not exactly a runner, I’m determined to get a little closer to that status. The first step? Working through the Couch to 5k programme! Last year, I’d started C25k but had an accident that left me pretty badly banged up. I’m only just working up the courage to get back on the treadmill but I’m excited to make my way through!


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Fitbit

With my Fitbit Versa 2 hooked to my wrist almost 24/7, the Fitbit app is a must! I track my workouts and daily steps with my Fitbit, have MyFitnessPal attached for tracking water and food, and wear it to bed to track my sleep. I also keep an eye on my heart rate with my Fitbit smartwatch and app. With tachycardia and some other heart concerns, so it’s all the more important to have at least an idea of where my heart health stands.

General Healthy lifestyle apps

K Health

Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - K Health

The K Health app is a bit buggy still, but it’s already one of my favourites as-is. Between COVID-19, my unrelated health concerns, and my non-stop work schedule (why do I write like it’s going out of style?), I’ve never managed to find a local GP. With K Health, I’m able to get the medical treatments I need from home! Whether it’s primary care or mental health treatment, K Health’s telemedicine is here for me, and you. You can even try out their symptom checker without chatting with a doctor!


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Medisafe

Between prescriptions, vitamins, and other medicines, I take some sort of pill or other medication about eight times a day. Medisafe helps me stay on track! I’m still far from perfect when it comes to keeping up with my meds. But the reminders, and the creative pill bottle notification sound that comes with them, help. I even include Fitz’s wet food and occasional medicines as a dependent so I keep his health in tip-top shape!


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Fitdays

Hooked up to our smart scale, Fitdays provides some amazing measurements. I step onto the scale about once a week and keep track of not just my weight, but my BMI, BMR, and other measurements. The graphs and other data in this app are impressive—it’s like a tiny digital bullet journal all about my health!


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - MyID

I haven’t ordered a MyID bracelet or sleeve of my own yet, but it’s on my wishlist. And, in the meantime? The app itself is amazing! With so many existing health concerns, allergies, and medications, I worry about what would happen in an emergency. MyID lets me save medical conditions, insurance information, emergency contacts, and more to stay safe in a worst-case scenario.

Apple health

Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Apple Health

Apple Health comes pre-installed on an iPhone and provides plenty of tracking options and other tools to keep on track with my healthy lifestyle. In addition to keeping track of items I track in other apps all in one place, Apple Health offers additional information, like headphone audio levels. And, with additional articles and resources to learn more, there are plenty of chances to become more healthy in the process.


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Achievement

Need a little extra motivation to be healthier? Achievement will compensate you for your efforts! With this app, you’ll earn points for tasks like tracking your sleep, steps, food, and heart rate, tweeting about health-related topics, or meditating. Once you’ve reached 10,000 points, you can redeem your points for a PayPal transfer—real, actual money! Sign up through my referral link and we’ll both earn bonus points, bringing us both closer to that payout.


Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps - Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t your typical healthy lifestyle app, but it’s an important tool in my digital health arsenal. From finding new fitness routines to reading through health tips, Pinterest has all the inspiration I could need!

Looking for a bit of healthy lifestyle inspiration of your own? Check out our health, fitness, or chronic illness boards, or give us a follow on Pinterest for all of the above and more!

Looking for healthy lifestyle apps targeted to spoonies? We’ve got you covered!

With so many apps available to track and manage a healthy lifestyle from your phone, there’s a tool for just about every health and fitness need. Do you have a favourite app that isn’t listed here? Let us know in the comments so I can check it out, too!

Apps for Spoonies

The Best Apps for Spoonies

I live with an assortment of chronic health conditions and, the longer I’ve had them, the more ways I’ve found to make managing them a little easier! Some of the best tools I’ve found come from smartphone apps.  Today I’m sharing a few of my all-time favourite apps for spoonies and others with chronic illnesses.

Looking for some healthy lifestyle apps that are great for spoonies and non-spoonies alike? Check out some of my favourites!


This app comes pre-installed on the iPhone, and there are plenty of options available for Android, too. Despite its simplicity, it’s one of my favourite apps for spoonies! I use this for so many different things. I’ve got reminders to take medicine, reminders to pay bills, reminders of deadlines for writing gigs or blog posts…the list goes on and on.

I’ve even got an “Every Damn Day” list uploaded so I can track the basics and stop executive dysfunction before it strikes (should I write a full post on my EDD list? Let me know in the comments!)!

*Update: Recently, I’ve started using Todoist as an alternate system for lists and projects—it’s more involved than Reminders but it’s another useful option!*

Get the app: Reminders

Looking for more productivity tips for spoonies? Check out my advice & experience and favourite tools.


If you’re looking for a bit of an extra urge to take your meds on time, MediSafe is one of the best options you’ll find. You can customise dosages and times, icons for each medication, and even invite a “Medfriend” to be alerted if you miss a dose.

Get the app: Medisafe

Meditation apps

Depending on the sort of meditation I’m looking for at the moment, I use an assortment of meditation apps, including MyLife (previously Stop, Breathe & Think–and compatible with Achievement!), Insight Timer, and even YouTube. Whether I’m trying to relieve pain or anxiety, fall asleep after a long day, or focus with a little less stress, a good meditation can make that happen.

Get the apps: MyLifeInsight TimerYouTube

Amazon Alexa

I recently wrote a post featuring my favourite uses for Alexa, so this one should come as no surprise! I love the app for additional reminders, lists, and even controlling music or podcasts playing on my Echo Dot.

Get the app: Amazon Alexa


Now, I’m nowhere near as active as I’d like to be at times, largely due to chronic pain and other conditions, not to mention my constant state of busyness. But, my Fitbit Versa and its connected app make sure I at least keep an eye on my fitness! From tracking water intake, steps, heart rate, and even menstrual cycles, it’s a fantastic app all-around. I typically use it alongside My Fitness Pal and Plant Nanny to keep on top of my overall well-being.

Get the app: Fitbit

Virtual Hope Box

Virtual Hope Box contains distraction tools like sudoku and word search puzzles, some guided breathing and visualisation exercises, coping techniques, and more. If you’re looking for help coping with PTSD or other mental health conditions, VHB is especially soothing.

Get the app: Virtual Hope Box


I only check in on LifeCycle about once a week, but it’s one of my favourite apps! Using cell phone towers and wifi locations, LifeCycle tracks your movements throughout each day, week, month, and year.  You’re able to adjust its locations and activities and see at a glance how you’ve spent your time! For me, this serves as an amazing reminder to get out of the house.  Working from home, I can go days without much movement (especially amidst 2020’s quarantine cycles), and I might not notice until my mental health suffers as a result without LifeCycle.

Get the app: LifeCycle


My parents use Walmart Grocery, and I must say, it’s a fantastic service! If grocery shopping is too labour-intensive, or a flare hits when you meant to restock some essentials, you can order through Walmart Grocery and have an employee do the shopping for you, with it ready to pick up for you at the store, bagged and ready to go!

Get the app: Walmart


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I love books! If the pain in my hands is making it difficult for me to hold a regular book or my Kindle Paperwhite, or if I’m out of the house and don’t want to trigger a flare by carrying around a heavy volume, the Kindle app is the perfect solution.

While I don’t use it myself, you could also use Audible (or a similar app) to download and listen to audiobooks!

Get the app: Kindle


Another productivity app!  I’ve actually written a full review of Trello and shared a bit about how its revolutionised my productivity. Alongside my bullet journal and other tools, Trello helps me manage even my busiest days, despite brain fog.

Get the app: Trello


This is another app that I haven’t been using much recently, but it’s an old favourite! BoosterBuddy uses adorable animations to help you tackle self-care and mental health, checking in with you each day and helping you manage medications, appointments, and other routines.

Get the app: BoosterBuddy


…or your social media outlet of choice.  Of course, social media has its drawbacks, but it also has benefits—especially for those living with chronic illness(es). Dealing with these conditions can be incredibly isolating and social media is a great way to stay connected anyway.  Take breaks if you need to, but remember: you can always reach out to someone if you need it, even if they can’t be there in person.

Get the app: Twitter


This app actually works in conjunction with some others–including a few on this list! Achievement monitors your healthy habits, like steps, meditation, water intake, and more, and rewards you for them–with points that you can exchange for money! You won’t get rich by tweeting about your latest flare or reading an article (other reward-worthy tasks, with Achievement), but it’s a nice motivator when you need it.

Get the app: Achievement


When one of my health issues is acting up, cleaning and organising tend to fall to the wayside, despite my love for doing it. UFYH breaks these chores into quick, manageable challenges that are bound to make you feel like you can tackle the world…or at least the corner of your bedroom you’ve been avoiding!

Get the app: UFYH


This is one of the most recent additions to my smartphone health arsenal! ReWi comes from Yale University’s The Science of Well-Being course, taught by Dr. Laurie Santos.  I’ve been taking the class on Coursera and loving it! ReWi lets you track healthy tasks like sleep, gratitude, kindness, connection, and meditation to help you reach your best life.  I’d say it’s definitely best used alongside the course, but it could certainly stand on its own! ReWi isn’t the most high-tech app out there, but it’s got a simple, colourful design (its black and white basics turn to bright charts as you track your “homework!”) that makes for a lovely experience.

Get the app: ReWi


One more productivity-based app to share! Particularly with anxiety and suspected ADHD/autism, I have a terrible habit of getting distracted when working on a task.  With Flora, you can set the app to a grow a plant for a certain period of time. During that time, you can’t pick up your phone without killing your tree–that Facebook message will wait a few minutes!  I love to watch my virtual garden grow as I make my way through my to-do list.  Of course, don’t feel too bad if you do need to use your phone for a legitimate reason–emergencies happen!

Get the app: Flora

Migraine Buddy

Full disclosure, I’m terrible at remembering to track my migraines, even with this app. I think I’m subconsciously afraid that marking it as done will make it surge again! Nevertheless, this app is so well-done. Tracking symptoms, weather, and possible triggers makes for a fantastic migraine/headache tracker. I’m determined to get to a point where I’m utilising this one more fully!

*Update: I’ve just started tracking or trying to remember to track!) with Cove as well! While it’s not an app, you can add the web dashboard to your home screen for easy access.*

Get the app: Migraine Buddy

Mini - An Ideal Life

Mini - An Ideal Life

Mini - An Ideal Life

Have you tried any of these apps for spoonies? Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

Best Personal Finance Apps to Manage Your Money

Best Personal Finance Apps to Manage Your Money

According to Time, Americans cumulatively check their cell phones about 8 million times a day. Why not use a few of those unlocks to check in on your finances? Pick up a few of the best personal finance apps for your lifestyle and make managing your money easier than ever.

From improving your credit and setting up a budget to saving for emergencies and evaluating your spending, there’s an app for every aspect of money management—and a lot of them tackle several (if not all) of the tasks you could want! And they work for all sorts of financial situations—thanks to the seemingly endless customisations available in these apps, you can make them work whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or you’re already a millionaire (and if you are a millionaire, feel free to become a sponsor of An Ideal Life!).

Why go digital? Not only are we as a society always on our phones, but digital money management couldn’t be easier. I’m normally a paper and pen kind of girl, but I love these tools for their customisation options, personalised tips, and (mostly) seamless integration with my existing accounts.

Looking for more apps to download? Check out my picks for a healthy lifestyle and the best options for spoonies.

These are some of the best personal finance apps I’ve found for managing my money (and yours):

For Budgeting & Tracking your funds:

I recently switched to YNAB for balancing my budget and really like it so far. But, in the past, I’ve used a wide variety of budgeting apps!

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

I’m always looking for new tools to try, so I’ve heard a lot about YNAB over the past several years. With limited funds, though, there was nothing that could get me away from free budgeting options. Recently, though, I was in the position to give YNAB a try…and I’m so glad I did. This program has just the balance of detail and simplicity I never realised I needed. I’m still making the YNAB process a habit, but it’s been so helpful so far!


A part of Dave Ramsey’s Ramsey+ offerings, EveryDollar encourages you to embrace a zero-based budget and guides you along the way. Incorporated with the Dave Ramsey baby steps, this app helps you manage your money with a budget right now and improve your personal finance systems over time. I don’t subscribe to all of his methods (as I’ve heard others say, he’s an “acquired taste”) but this is a solid option.

Fortune City

This app makes expense tracking fun, building a miniature city (complete with miniature citizens!) to your phone screen to help you track your spending and manage your money. From the makers of Plant Nanny, you’d expect nothing less!


Created by Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, Mint will help you track your spending, set a budget, remember to pay your bills, AND check your credit score! That’s one mighty little app. You can make a free account with just a bit of information and get to managing your finances right away! I’ve pulled away from Mint a bit myself, but I still turn to it from time to time.

Personal Capital

This app didn’t end up being a good fit for my needs, but is definitely a good candidate for some folks in need of a budgeting app.

For saving:

Depending on the expert you’re consulting, the recommendations for saving a certain amount or percentage in a certain period of time will vary. But one tip shows up in nearly every compilation of tips: automating your savings will make that 20% or $1,000 per month you’re targeting a lot easier to reach.


A while back, my savings account with my primary bank was shut down after a period of going unused—when you’re barely meeting the basic necessities and student loan payments are increasing, there’s not a lot of room, or funds, to set money aside, unfortunately. Of course, this happened right around the same time I finally had a little extra money to save! I was frustrated but took to researching online savings accounts or banking services. The best one I discovered, by far, was Ally.

It’s worth noting that the interest rate has decreased quite a few times in the time I’ve had an account with Ally. But, even still, it’s a better rate than most standard savings account as of this writing. I’m hoping that it eases back up over time, or continues at about this rate.

Mobile banking

There’s a very good possibility that your go-to bank or other financial provider already offers a savings account that can help you. You might even have one already! Consider whether your mobile banking app can already help you save, and look into the possibility of setting up automatic deposits in the process. Right now, this is my Capital One 360 Performance Savings account, another new addition to my personal finance plan (joining my Platinum card, Spark business account, and other Capital One products.


I used Qapital for quite a while, until they added fees for basic features. But, if you’re open to making that investment, it was a really helpful service for boosting savings!

For Investing:

I’m new to investing but am enjoying the process so far. I started off using Stash and recently joined Ally Invest, but am looking into diversifying not just my portfolio, but my platforms, too, over time.

Stash Bonus Stock


In my experience, Stash makes for a fantastic introduction to investing. With a simple cost of $5 a month (plus a $1 fee), you can begin crafting an investment portfolio from the ground up. The app will even guide you in creating a stronger, more diverse portfolio over time!

Ally Invest

Because I’ve had a good experience with Ally for savings, it was a natural transition to trying their investment features. NerdWallet calls Ally Invest “a strong option for all traders,” which makes it an even more compelling option! I haven’t done much with this account just yet, but I’m excited to dive in further.


I tend towards socially responsible investment strategies already, so the gender-based ideas behind Ellevest are particularly enticing. By women, for women, Ellevest aims to help close gendered financial gaps and give women (and others) the power and knowledge they need to succeed. The next time I have some unallocated funds to work with, I plan on giving this female-focused app a try!

For Sending & Receiving:

Say you’re out with your friends and you’re suddenly starving. But you forgot your wallet. With any one of these apps, you can have your friend spot you for a slice of pizza and you can pay her back painlessly.


PayPal is my go-to app for saving and receiving money. I do most of my business invoicing and transfers through the platform and take advantage of it for personal transfers as well. It’s accepted as payment in many places online as an additional bonus!

Cash App

I’ve only used Cash App once or twice for transfers, but I’m happy to have the option. Better yet, I have no complaints from the times I’ve used it!

For Banking:

These days, a lot fewer people make their way through life without keeping a detailed check register or paper copy of their monthly statement. But you can’t get by without some sort of checking account, credit card, or another financial service.

Checking & Credit:

This is one of the categories in which your efforts will be personalized. Whatever bank or institution you use for your checking, credit, and services likely has a mobile app. Make sure you’ve downloaded the appropriate application to have your financials at your fingertips!

If you’re in the market for a new bank account, do some research and see what online or brick-and-mortar provider could be a good fit. I recently signed up for Capital One 360 Checking and am impressed with it so far!

Online-Only Banking:

I recently decided to delve into the world of online banking and I couldn’t be happier. Currently, I’m using three primary online banks: Capital One 360, Chime, and Aspiration.

For improving your credit:

If you’re combatting your debt, keeping track of your payments, and monitoring your finances well overall, you’re likely improving your credit score in the process. But, for a more in-depth look, guide, and look into your credit report and how you’ll improve your scores, convenient apps like Credit Sesame and Credit Karma can help.

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is one of my favourite personal finance apps, focusing on helping users improve their credit score, credit approval odds, and other factors of their financial lives. You can take advantage of your TransUnion credit score and credit report in addition to credit monitoring and other tools.

Credit Karma

Like Credit Sesame, Credit Karma lets users monitor their credit, check credit scores and reports from TransUnion and Equifax, and utilize other financial services. I’m rather partial to Credit Sesame’s UX over this one’s, but Credit Karma is undeniably effective, too.

For Paying off debt:

From credit cards to loans, debts aren’t fun. And, without a solid plan to do so, you won’t know how to ensure you and your money can have a better future, one payment at a time.

Nerd Wallet

Nerd Wallet has been one of my favourite websites for a long time, but I only recently discovered and started using their app to help manage my credit and money in general. I especially like that the app suggests what debt should be your priority among other suggestions.

For Bill Reminders:

From improving your credit to making sure your electricity stays on, bills are unavoidable. And, if you aren’t careful, far too easy to forget on a busy day. Some of the apps above offer bill reminders as one of their services but, for an extra tool, I tend to turn to my go-to reminder and to-do list services.


TrueBill is a relatively new addition to my personal finance app arsenal but I’m really enjoying it so far! The bill reminders, in particular, are super helpful. I still have a lot of features to really dive into, too!


Only recently did I dive into Todoist, making the small, but impactful investment in their premium plan. I’ve managed to set up projects and task lists for each major to-do in my life, from writing and publishing a book to, you guessed it, paying a bill! I especially like that I can use the shorthand option of typing “every [insert date here]” when I enter a new bill or another task, rather than entering the date separately for each. It’s only a few clicks’ difference, but it’s a welcome one all the same! I’ve used Amazing Marvin and Trello, a few of my other favourite to-do apps, as well.


Before I invested in Todoist, I spent quite a while relying on the built-in (Apple/iCloud) Reminders app to track my projects and tasks, including bills. While it has fewer features than a more intense productivity app like Todoist, Reminders is a fantastic, budget-friendly option that will remind you about your bills, colour-code your to-do list, and generally help you keep your life, be it personal, professional, or financial, in order.

Have you tried any of these Personal finance apps to manage your money? Do you have another one that you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments!

Mini - An Ideal Life

Trello Review

Trello Review: The Tool That’s Super-Charged My Productivity

Quite frankly, I haven’t shut up about Trello as of late.  The online task management system is one of many that I’ve tried, but it’s one I’ve not only stuck with but have enjoyed using!  Want to know more? Read on for our Trello review to learn how it’s super-charged my productivity—and how it can do the same for you!

So, firstly:  I love Trello. I didn’t really expect to, though!  If you’ve been on the blog a while, you’ll already know I’m hooked on bullet journaling. After several failed attempts at digital task management systems, I was far from convinced.  But, I’d read so many glowing reviews of Trello that I took a chance and made an account.

The first feature that nearly convinced me? Their adorable mascot, Taco the husky!

If you know me, you know the surest way to my heart is through cute animals.  That applies to animated animals as well!

From there, though, the functionality is what sold me on Trello.  It works so well with my bullet journal, too!

Looking at my own boards, here are some of my favourite features:

Colour coding

The labels, or the coloured marks at the top left of each card (each item on my lists), are the feature I’ve probably found most helpful so far!  I love categorising and organising (surprise, surprise, right?), so the ability to mark my to-do items so that I can identify their relevance at a glance is perfect.

Trello Review Lists

Due dates

If you look at the third column or the “Done” list on my board, you’d see that the completed card’s date is marked in green.  This is because I’ve completed it before the due date!  I love the feeling of checking off an item and getting the little green box.

I don’t use it myself, but you can even add a calendar “power-up” to see all of your due items in calendar format!  


I’d be remiss to craft a Trello review and not offer an explanation, however brief, of how I utilise the columns, or lists, on each board!  By using a basic “To Do/Done” format, I get to plan what needs to be worked on as well as feel good about what’s already been accomplished.

On other boards, I take it a step further in utilising “To Do Today/This Week/This Month” lists, much like in my bullet journal!  This allows me to keep the “To Do Today” list manageable without letting those long-term items slip from my mind.

Trello Review Checklists


Within each card, you can add a description, comments, or other useful bits, but my favourite is the ability to add checklists!  For repetitive tasks (like promoting a post on social media channels, for example), you can even input a checklist from a pre-existing card.  Talk about efficiency!

Card View

This is probably my most frequently used bit of Trello. Once I’ve input my tasks on the proper boards, I’ll go to “Cards” (click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner, or “Home” in the iOS app) to see them all laid out.  Sorting by due date, I can prioritise what I really need to be working on at that moment.

Trello Review Cards

Have you tried out Trello for yourself? Or has our Trello review convinced you to give it a try?  Let us know in the comments!