Yogi Tea


At Yogi Tea, every cup tells a story of wellness and sustainability.

The Yogi Tea Journey

At Yogi, they blend tradition with innovation to create teas that do more. Inspired by Ayurveda, an ancient holistic healing philosophy, their teas are crafted to bring balance to body, mind, and spirit.

The Yogi Tea Purpose

For over five decades, Yogi has crafted functional teas using over 140 spices and botanicals sourced ethically from around the globe. Each blend is meticulously formulated for both delicious taste and health benefits.

Nature’s Wisdom Blended Intentionally

Yogi teas are a synergy of herbs, carefully combined to support overall wellness. From crop to cup, they prioritize quality, sourcing only the finest ingredients and blending them with intention.

Responsible Sourcing and Quality Testing

Yogi upholds the highest standards in sourcing, testing, and packaging. Their ingredients undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity and potency. Plus, their packaging is eco-friendly, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.

Yogi Tea FAQ

Is Yogi Tea a good brand?

Yogi is committed to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Their teas are crafted with care and backed by decades of expertise in herbal wellness.

What does this tea do to your body?

Yogi teas are designed to support overall wellness. Each blend is crafted with specific herbs and botanicals chosen for their healthful properties, healing to promote balance and vitality.

How does Yogi ensure the quality of its ingredients?

Yogi maintains strict sourcing standards and conducts testing on all ingredients. From microbiology testing to sensory evaluations, they ensure that each ingredient meets high quality standards.

What sets Yogi apart from other tea brands?

Yogi stands out for its commitment to holistic wellness, sustainability, and social responsibility. From ethically sourced ingredients to eco-friendly packaging, they strive to make a positive impact at every step of the process.

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