WeatherX Pressure Filtering Ear Plugs


Featuring a ceramic inner filter, WeatherX Pressure Filtering Ear Plugs help regulate air flow in and out of the ear canal. Designed with four rings for a secure yet comfortable fit, they are available in adult and small sizes suitable for children and those with smaller ears.
Crafted from soft, cleanable, hypoallergenic silicone, these ear plugs offer a noise reduction rating of 20 dB.

How WeatherX Pressure Filtering Ear Plugs Work:

  • The soft, hypoallergenic silicone exterior houses a built-in ceramic inner filter that slows down the shift in barometric pressure.
  • Download the WeatherX app on your iOS or Android mobile device, set your location, and adjust the sensitivity threshold within the app.
  • Receive a notification on your phone when there is a barometric pressure shift above your set threshold.
  • Insert the ear device prior to the barometric pressure shift.

WeatherX FAQ:

How often do you need to replace my earplugs?

These earplugs should be replaced periodically, depending on usage and wear. Check for signs of wear and tear and replace them as needed.

What is the WeatherX app for iPhone?

The WeatherX app is a mobile application available for iOS and Android devices that alerts users to barometric pressure shifts based on their location and sensitivity settings.

Do WeatherX earplugs work?

These pressure filtering earplugs are designed to help regulate air pressure shifts and may provide relief for individuals sensitive to changes in barometric pressure.

Do earplugs help migraine?

Earplugs may help some individuals manage migraine symptoms by reducing noise sensitivity and providing a sense of calm and comfort.

How do you use WeatherX?

Simply insert the ear plugs before a barometric pressure shift, as indicated by the app notification, to help mitigate the effects of pressure changes.

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