Touchland Watermelon Hand Sanitizer


Touchland Watermelon Hand Sanitizer encapsulates the essence of summer with its refreshing and sparkling fragrance, reminiscent of biting into a juicy slice of watermelon. This cult-favorite, hydrating hand sanitizer not only keeps your hands germ-free but also delights your senses with notes of fresh watermelon, watery florals, and crisp green apple. It’s the perfect pick-me-up that brings a burst of childhood nostalgia and the sweetness of watermelon gummies with every spray.

Touchland Watermelon FAQ

What’s so special about Touchland hand sanitizer?

Touchland hand sanitizer combines efficacy with sensory pleasure, offering a hydrating formula that kills most common germs without drying out the skin, all while delivering an elevated fragrance experience.

How long does Touchland last?

Each Touchland Power Mist provides around 500 sprays, offering a long-lasting supply for continuous hand hygiene.

Is Touchland TSA approved?

Yes, Touchland’s convenient and sleek packaging is designed to meet TSA requirements, making it perfect for travel.

Is Touchland sticky?

No, Touchland is formulated to be fast-absorbing and non-sticky, leaving your hands feeling soft and refreshed without any residue.

Why do people like Touchland so much?

People love Touchland for its effective germ-killing properties, moisturizing formula, and unique fragrances. Its stylish and convenient design is also a big plus.

Is Touchland Sanitizer effective?

Absolutely! Touchland is effective against most common germs, thanks to its alcohol-based formula.

Is there a way to refill Touchland?

Currently, Touchland Power Mist hand sanitizers are designed as single-use devices without a refill option, focusing on convenience and portability.

Is Touchland good for sensitive skin?

Yes, with ingredients like aloe vera and radish root ferment, Touchland is formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin while still providing effective sanitization.

What makes the Touchland watermelon scent special?

The watermelon scent is specially formulated to evoke the joy and freshness of summer days, combining the aroma of ripe watermelon with tart kiwi and peach nectar, all balanced with the softness of jasmine petals and the crispness of green apple.

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