Time Timer


The Time Timer is an exceptional tool designed to enhance focus, manage time, and increase productivity across all activities and environments. Perfect for both children and adults, including those with conditions such as ADHD or autism, this timer helps make every moment count with its clear, visual representation of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s a visual timer?

A visual timer represents time with a visual change, such as a diminishing color or a moving hand, making it easy to see how much time is left without needing to know how to read a traditional clock.

What does a Time Timer do?

The this visual timer displays the passage of time with a disappearing colored disk. This helps the user see at a glance how much time is left, promoting better time management and punctuality.

Does the Time Timer tick?

No, this timer operates silently, which makes it ideal for sound-sensitive environments like classrooms, offices, or during focused activity sessions to minimize distractions.

Do timers help with ADHD?

Yes, timers can be particularly helpful for individuals with ADHD by providing a clear visual boundary for time, which can improve concentration and the ability to complete tasks within set periods.

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