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The SodaStream bubly bundle is a delightful collaboration between SodaStream and bubly, designed to bring the joy and flavor of bubly sparkling water right into your home. With just the push of a button, you can create fresh, fizzy water and customize it with your favorite bubly drops flavors (two are included in the SodaStream bubly bundle). This energy-efficient system not only offers a quick and easy way to enjoy sparkling water but also supports a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle with its reusable components.

SodaStream bubly Bundle FAQ

Does bubly work with SodaStream?

Absolutely! The bubly drops are specifically designed to be used with SodaStream machines, allowing you to make your favorite bubly sparkling water flavors at home.

How much bubly do I add to my SodaStream?

For the best taste, add about 40ml of bubly drops to one liter of sparkling water. Adjust to suit your flavor preferences.

What is bubly sweetened with?

bubly drops are unsweetened, offering a calorie-free way to flavor your sparkling water without artificial sweeteners, relying instead on natural flavor essences for a clean, refreshing taste.

What is SodaStream bubly drops made of?

SodaStream bubly drops are made of unsweetened, natural flavor essences designed to give your sparkling water a delicious and refreshing taste without any calories or sweeteners.

How do I add bubly to my SodaStream?

First, carbonate your water using your SodaStream. Then, open the bubly drops bottle and squeeze the drops into the carbonated water. Mix gently to combine the flavors evenly.

How long do SodaStream bubly drops last?

One 40ml bottle of bubly drops can flavor about 12 liters of sparkling water. After opening, it’s best to use the drops within a few months for optimal freshness.

Does bubly SodaStream have caffeine?

No, bubly drops for SodaStream are caffeine-free, making them a refreshing option any time of day without affecting your sleep or energy levels.

Do you add flavor before or after carbonation?

Always add flavor after carbonation to avoid overpressure in the SodaStream bottle and ensure the best integration of flavors.

How many times do you fizz a SodaStream?

For optimal carbonation, press the carbonation button on your SodaStream machine until you hear 3 buzzes. You can adjust based on your personal preference for fizziness.

Why are there no bubbles in my SodaStream?

If your SodaStream isn’t producing bubbles, check to ensure the CO2 cylinder is properly installed and has enough CO2 left. Also, make sure the water is cold for better carbonation results.

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