Silicone Chew Necklaces



Silicone chew necklaces serve as a tactile sensory tool to help manage chewing behaviors and provide a safe alternative for those who need oral stimulation. They’re often used by individuals with sensory processing differences or who find comfort in chewing.

FAQ about Silicone Chew Necklaces

What is the point of silicone chew necklaces?

Silicone chew necklaces provide a safe and hygienic way to satisfy the need for oral sensory input, helping individuals who chew for sensory regulation to avoid chewing on inappropriate objects.

Do chew necklaces help with ADHD?

Yes, for some individuals with ADHD, chew necklaces can aid concentration by satisfying the sensory urge to chew, which can reduce fidgeting and increase focus.

Do sensory necklaces work?

Many parents, therapists, and users report that sensory necklaces effectively reduce anxiety and improve focus, especially for those with sensory processing challenges.

What is a sensory chew?

A sensory chew is a tool designed for individuals who require oral stimulation, providing a safe and acceptable way to fulfill the need to chew for sensory input.

Do chew toys help autism?

Chew toys can be beneficial for some individuals with autism by providing sensory input that can help regulate emotions and behaviors.

Are silicone chew necklaces a good idea?

For individuals who need oral sensory feedback, silicone chew necklaces are a good idea as they’re made from safe, non-toxic materials and designed to withstand frequent chewing.

Does chewelry help with nail biting?

Chewelry can help with nail biting by redirecting the habit to a more appropriate and safe item designed for chewing.

Are chew toys mentally stimulating?

Chew toys can be mentally stimulating as they provide sensory feedback, which can be soothing and help improve focus for some individuals.

What is oral stimming?

Oral stimming is a self-stimulatory behavior involving repetitive oral movements or chewing, often used as a coping mechanism to regulate sensory input.

Why is chewing so calming?

Chewing can be calming because it provides proprioceptive input to the jaw, which is known to have a soothing effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

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