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Sezzle is at the forefront of a financial revolution, offering a buy now, pay later platform that doesn’t just facilitate easy and responsible budgeting but also embodies a mission of financial empowerment. As a certified B Corp, the company is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world, from sustainability efforts to people empowerment, food accessibility, and wellness initiatives.

Sezzle is a cutting-edge payment solution that embodies the ethos of financial empowerment and responsibility. It allows you to “buy now and pay later” by breaking down your purchases into four smaller, interest-free payments spread over six weeks. Their platform is designed to help you manage your budget without incurring additional debt or interest, making it easier to afford the things you need and love while keeping your financial health in check.

Sezzle FAQ

What credit score do you need for Sezzle?

This service is accessible to a wide range of consumers. While specific credit score requirements may not be stringent, the brand does perform a soft credit check that doesn’t impact your credit score to ensure responsible financial behavior.

What is the catch of Sezzle?

The company aims to be transparent, offering installment plans without hidden fees. The catch is simply to make your payments on time to avoid any late fees and to enjoy the benefits of spreading out payments without interest.

Is Sezzle the same as Afterpay?

Sezzle and Afterpay offer similar buy now, pay later services, but they operate independently and may have different terms, benefits, and partner stores.

Can you get Sezzle with bad credit?

Yes, this can be a buy now, pay later option for individuals with bad credit. The focus is on your ability to make payments now rather than your credit history.

Does Sezzle really build credit?

Sezzle has introduced features that allow users to opt-in to credit building by reporting on-time payments, which can positively impact your credit score.

How long does it take to get approved for Sezzle?

Approval for Sezzle is almost instantaneous, allowing shoppers to use the service immediately upon sign-up and approval.

Does Sezzle charge a monthly fee?

Sezzle does not charge a monthly fee for using its standard service. Late fees may apply if payments are not made on time.

What happens if I never pay Sezzle?

Failing to pay Sezzle can result in being charged late fees and potentially losing access to the service. The company encourages responsible spending and timely payments.

Does Walmart use Sezzle?

Availability of Sezzle as a payment method can vary by retailer and location. It’s best to check their website or Walmart’s checkout options for the most current information.

Can I use Sezzle to pay for gas?

Sezzle is typically used for online and in-store purchases with partnered retailers. It’s less common for services like gas; however, partner offerings are continually expanding.

Does Sezzle ask for Social Security number?

Sezzle may request the last four digits of your Social Security number during sign-up to help verify your identity and protect against fraud.

Should I trust Sezzle?

As a certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation, they are is committed to transparency, financial empowerment, and ethical business practices, making it a trustworthy option for installment payments.

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