Rocketbook Everyday Planner


The Rocketbook Everyday Planner is designed for those who want the feel of pen and paper without the waste. This innovative planner combines the best of both analog and digital worlds, offering a versatile, eco-friendly way to organize your life. With its undated pages and reusable design, the Everyday Planner promises to be the last planner you’ll ever need.

Rocketbook Everyday Planner FAQ

How do you use a Rocketbook as a planner?

Utilize the variety of page layouts—weekly, monthly, and yearly spreads, along with project trackers and note-taking templates—to organize your plans. Use any Pilot FriXion pen for smooth, erasable writing. Scan your pages with the Rocketbook app to digitize and organize your notes in the cloud.

Is the Rocketbook Planner worth it?

Absolutely. For those seeking a sustainable, flexible, and innovative planning solution, the Rocketbook Everyday Planner is an investment in both productivity and environmental responsibility. Its adaptability to your personal planning style and the convenience of cloud storage make it invaluable.

Can Rocketbook connect to Google Calendar?

While direct syncing between the Rocketbook app and Google Calendar isn’t available, you can scan and share your planner pages to your email, then manually input or update events in Google Calendar, ensuring your digital calendars stay up-to-date. You might also find solutions using tools like IFTTT or Zapier!

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