Rocketbook Core


Rocketbook Core seamlessly merges the tactile joy of pen-to-paper notes with the innovative efficiency of digital technology. Designed for everyone from professionals to students and creative souls, the Rocketbook Core is your portal to a more organized, eco-friendly way of note-taking and brainstorming.

Rocketbook Core FAQ

How does Rocketbook Core work?

Write on the Core’s pages using any Pilot FriXion pen, and your notes will adhere just like they would on standard paper. To digitize your notes, use the Rocketbook app to scan and send them to your chosen cloud services. Erase your notes with a moistened cloth, and your notebook is ready to be reused.

Is Rocketbook Core worth it?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for a sustainable, innovative solution to note-taking that combines the best of analog and digital worlds, the Rocketbook Core is a smart investment.

How long do Rocketbook pages last?

With proper care, Rocketbook Core pages can last for years. They are designed for endless reuse, making them a sustainable choice for anyone looking to reduce their paper consumption.

What is so special about Rocketbook?

Rocketbook stands out for its eco-friendly, endlessly reusable digital notebooks that can be connected to your favorite cloud services for ultimate organization and sharing.

How many pages are in Rocketbook Core?

The Rocketbook Core comes with 32-36 pages, offering various style options like dot grid or lined pages for versatility in note-taking.

How many times can Rocketbook be erased?

Rocketbook pages can be erased and reused endlessly, providing a sustainable option for note-taking and sketching without the waste of traditional notebooks.

Can you microwave Rocketbook Core?

No, the Rocketbook Core (formerly known as Everlast) should not be microwaved. The original microwave-to-erase notebook was the Rocketbook Wave. Core pages are erased using a moistened cloth.

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