Purrble Calming Toy

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The Purrble Calming Toy is a unique blend of technology and comfort, designed to help both children and adults find peace in stressful times. This soft, interactive buddy doesn’t just seek to calm; it becomes a part of your journey towards understanding and managing emotions better.

Purrble FAQ

How does Purrble work?

Purrble’s heart races to express emotion. By holding and petting them, you help slow its heartbeat to a gentle purr. This interaction not only calms them but also helps calm you, teaching the principle of co-regulation through responsive technology.

What kind of animal is Purrble?

Purrble is a fantastical creature designed for comfort and companionship, embodying characteristics that encourage nurturing and calmness without being specific to any real animal.

How big is a Purrble?

This friend is designed to fit comfortably in both children’s and adults’ hands, making it the perfect size for cuddling and carrying around for comfort.

Can you sleep with a Purrble?

Absolutely! Purrble is made from soft materials and is intended to be a comforting presence, making it an ideal sleep companion.

Where are Purrble sensors?

Interactive sensors are thoughtfully placed along their back, sides, and ears. These sensors are designed to respond to touch, fidgeting, and movement, making the comforting experience feel lifelike and responsive. By engaging with these sensors, users can help calm Purrble’s heartbeat, creating a soothing purr that in turn offers a calming effect to the user.

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