Pink Silicone Apple Pencil Sleeve


Elevate your digital art, planning and note-taking with this Pink Silicone Apple Pencil Sleeve. Crafted specifically for the Apple Pencil 1st Generation, this sleeve is designed to enhance your drawing and writing experience while providing the utmost protection. Compatible with a range of iPad models, it’s the perfect accessory for any Apple Pencil user looking for both style and functionality.

Apple Pencil Sleeve FAQ

Do I need an Apple Pencil sleeve?

Absolutely, especially if you’re keen on maintaining your Apple Pencil’s condition. A sleeve protects against scratches, dirt, and damage, while also providing a better grip for more precise control.

Should you cover your Apple Pencil?

Yes, covering your Apple Pencil not only keeps it protected from wear and tear but also prevents it from rolling off surfaces, thanks to the sleeve’s anti-roll design.

Does an Apple Pencil sleeve affect charging?

Not at all. This silicone sleeve was carefully designed to ensure you can charge your Apple Pencil without any hindrance. The included Charging Cable Adapter Tether even secures your charging setup.

How do I get the cover on my Apple Pencil?

The silicone material is flexible, making it easy to slide the sleeve onto your Apple Pencil. It’s designed for a snug fit to ensure your pencil is fully protected without compromising on usability.

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