Pink Silicone Apple Pencil Sleeve


The Apple Pencil is such a handy tool for taking notes, drawing, and more. But if you’re not careful, it can easily be scratched or bumped. That’s why I always keep my Apple Pencil in a case, like this pink silicone Apple Pencil sleeve. This sleeve fits snugly over your pencil and provides protection from scratches and bumps. The silicone material is also soft and comfortable to hold, and it comes in a pretty pink color that will brighten up your day.
There’s something about a pink silicone apple pencil sleeve that just makes an aesthetic digital planning setup feel complete. Not only does it protect your pencil from scratches and other damage, but it also looks great sitting next to your other planner supplies. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, a pink silicone apple pencil sleeve is the perfect way to keep your pencil looking new and stylish.


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