Neurodivergent Rainbow Sticker Set



Embrace your unique self with our Neurodivergent Rainbow Sticker Set, a vibrant collection designed to celebrate neurodiversity with flair and pride. This digital pack includes 24 high-quality PNG files and a US letter-size PDF with all 24 stickers, ensuring you can personalize your planners, laptops, or journals instantly. Each design is crafted with vivid colors that stand out, making your items as unique as you are.

Our Neurodivergent Rainbow Sticker Set

The stickers come in various sizes, perfect for adorning different surfaces, and are designed to be used with Goodnotes or any other digital planning tools, providing a seamless experience for organizing your thoughts and tasks. For those who love physical stickers, simply print the PDF on your preferred sticker paper, cut them out, and you’re ready to decorate your world. These are not just stickers; they are a statement of individuality and a celebration of the neurodivergent community.

Our Neurodivergent Rainbow Sticker Set is not only a treat for yourself but a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones who appreciate the beauty of diversity. Share the love and support with a gift that promotes acceptance and understanding. Let these stickers be a colorful reminder of your unique brilliance!


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