Discover a range of clean, effective personal care products from Native! This company believes in providing daily staples like deodorant, body wash, hair care, and lotion that are clean, simple, and cruelty-free.

Origin Story

The journey of Native began when the founder, Moiz Ali, examined the ingredient label on his antiperspirant. This pivotal moment sparked a mission to create clean deodorants that could compete with traditional antiperspirants. Since then, the brand has been dedicated to crafting products with simple ingredients and regularly reformulating based on customer feedback.

Environmental Efforts

Native is committed to reducing its environmental impact, with a focus on transparency and sustainability. While navigating this complex issue, they remain dedicated to honest and upfront communication about its efforts.


What scents are available in Native products?

Native offers a variety of delightful scents across its product lineup, including Coconut & Vanilla, Eucalyptus & Mint, and Buttercream & French Vanilla among others. Some of my personal favorites include Lavender & Rose, Sea Salt & Cedar, and Sweet Peach & Nectar!

Why am I sweating so much after using natural deodorant?

Some users may experience an adjustment period when transitioning to natural deodorant. The body may need time to adapt to the formula, but many customers find effective odor protection over time.

Is Native an ethical brand?

Yes, this company is committed to ethical practices, including cruelty-free product development and transparency in sourcing and manufacturing processes.

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