Kristin Ess Hair Air Dry Crème


Achieve the wash-and-go lifestyle of your dreams with Kristin Ess Hair Air Dry Crème. This versatile product is your ticket to effortlessly polished hair, no matter your hair type. Designed by renowned hairstylist Kristin Ess, this crème smooths, adds shine, separation, and texture, making it the ultimate all-in-one hair styling solution.

Key Features

  • Restore: Whether you’re heat styling or air-drying, this crème helps protect, hydrate, and restore any level of damage, leaving your hair looking and feeling its best.
  • For All Hair Types: From straight to curly, thick to fine, or frizzy to sleek, this crème is suitable for all hair textures, providing frizz calming, shine restoring, softening, and smoothing benefits.
  • Time Saving: Streamline your styling routine with this time-saving product that simplifies the air-drying process and leaves you with effortlessly beautiful hair.

How to Use Kristin Ess Hair Air Dry Crème:

  1. Air dry your freshly cleaned hair until it’s about halfway dry or until your natural wave pattern starts to form.
  2. Work a dime to quarter-sized amount of the crème through your hair, distributing it evenly from roots to ends.
  3. Allow your hair to finish air drying naturally, scrunching as needed to enhance texture and definition.


What does the Kristin Ess air-dry cream do?

Kristin Ess Hair Air Dry Crème smooths, adds shine, separation, and texture to the hair, making it easier to achieve an effortless, polished look without the need for heat styling.

How do you use air dry crème?

After air drying your hair halfway, apply a small amount of the crème from roots to ends, then allow your hair to finish air drying naturally.

What is the point of Air Dry Cream?

The point of air dry cream is to simplify the styling process by enhancing the natural texture and appearance of the hair without the need for heat styling tools.

Is Air Dry Cream a conditioner?

No, air dry cream is not a conditioner. It is a styling product that helps smooth, soften, and add texture to the hair during the air drying process.

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