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Discover potential food sensitivities with the Everlywell Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test. With free shipping and FSA/HSA acceptance, this allows you to test a wide range of foods that may be causing discomfort. Ideal for individuals embracing diverse cuisines, the test measures IgG reactivity to 204 foods, providing insight into your body’s immune response.

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Each food is rated on a scale of 0-3, indicating reactivity levels from normal to high. While not a food allergy test, this analysis can pinpoint potential triggers for symptoms like headaches, stomach pain, or bloating, guiding you through a two-part elimination diet process.

The test includes everything needed for sample collection and shipping, along with detailed instructions and access ton customer support. Understanding your results is made easy with digital reports accessible on your device.

Everlywell adheres to strict privacy standards, with CLIA-certified labs and physician-reviewed results ensuring accuracy and confidentiality. You can take proactive steps towards a healthier lifestyle with actionable lifestyle insights from the Everlywell Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test!

FAQ: Everlywell Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test

Is the Everlywell food sensitivity test valid?

Yes! The Everlywell food sensitivity test measures IgG antibody reactivity to a wide range of foods, providing insights into potential food sensitivities.

What is the most complete food sensitivity test?

The Everlywell Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test is considered one of the most complete options available, assessing IgG reactivity to 204 foods.

Why is Everlywell not allowed in NY?

Everlywell’s testing services were restricted in New York due to regulatory requirements specific to the state. However, they continue to provide services in other regions.

Do food sensitivity tests actually work?

Food sensitivity tests, like the Everlywell Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test, can provide valuable information about potential triggers for symptoms such as headaches, bloating, and stomach pain. However, it’s essential to interpret the results in conjunction with medical advice and dietary changes.

What is the gold standard for food sensitivity testing?

Currently, there isn’t a universally recognized gold standard for food sensitivity testing. However, tests that measure IgG antibody reactivity, such as the one offered by Everlywell are commonly used and respected.

How accurate are OTC food sensitivity tests?

Over-the-counter (OTC) food sensitivity tests provide valuable insights but may vary in accuracy. It’s crucial to understand the limitations of such tests and consult with healthcare professionals for comprehensive evaluation and interpretation.

Does Everlywell sell my data?

No, Everlywell is committed to protecting customer privacy. They are HIPAA-compliant and use bank-grade encryption to safeguard data. Under no circumstances do they sell customer data.

Are at-home food sensitivity tests a waste of money?

At-home food sensitivity tests can be a valuable tool for identifying potential triggers for symptoms. However,  their effectiveness may vary, and it’s essential  to consider them as part of a broader approach to health and wellness.

Can food sensitivity cause weight gain?

Food sensitivities may contribute to weight gain by causing symptoms such as bloating or inflammation, which could affect metabolism and dietary habits. However, individual responses vary, and weight gain may be influenced by various factors beyond food sensitivities alone.

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