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  • Anne Boleyn Modern Initial Necklace

    Anne Boleyn Modern Initial Necklace

    Anne Boleyn’s iconic “B” necklace represents timeless elegance—and you can bring this symbol of sophistication and regal charm to your own wardrobe with an Anne Boleyn Modern Initial Necklace. This classic piece captures the essence of grace and style, befitting the renowned queen. This minimalistic piece offers a similar allure, bringing a touch of history…

  • Heart of Garnet

    Heart of Garnet

    Introducing Heart of Garnet, one of my favorite Etsy shops, offering exquisite crystal healing and meaningful jewelry. From enchanting necklaces and captivating bracelets to bewitching earrings, rings, keychains, and crystal sets, Wynter provides an array of mystical treasures to adorn and empower your journey. Crystal Healing and Meaningful Jewelry Embark on a journey of self-discovery…

  • Witchy One by Una Spirit - now My Amulets Box

    My Amulets Box: Intentional Crystal Jewelry

    Elevate your crystal jewelry collection with My Amulets Box, a carefully curated subscription service designed to inspire and empower. Each box is adorned with inspired themes celebrating nature, animal totems, symbolism, and mythology, making it a delightful journey into the mystical world. Product Details Indulge in the following treasures within your My Amulets Box: 3…