At An Ideal Life, the security of our visitors’ data is a top priority. The privacy policy below outlines any information we collect and how it will be used—and protected—at Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

collection of Data & Information

An Ideal Life’s website and server logs collect general data and information, including (but not limited to) browser types and versions, operating systems, websites directing to, IP (internet protocol) address, internet service providers, and other data.

Use of data & Information

An Ideal Life and its representatives use collected data and information to deliver and optimize our website and its content. In the event of a cyber-attack or other emergency, any available data will be made available to the presiding legal authorities.

An Ideal Life analyses anonymised data through statistics platforms such as Google Analytics

Storage of data & Information

Personal data & information will only be stored for as long as the purpose of that storage requires, in accordance with international legislation.

Billing & Payments

An Ideal Life may utilise payment processors, vendors, and other third parties to securely process customer information. These third parties will use any collected data & information in accordance with their respective privacy policies.


An Ideal Life does not knowingly collect personal information or data from children under the age of 13—if you are younger than 13 years of age, please do not submit any information to our website or other platforms.

Newsletter & Subscriptions

Our newsletter, managed through ConvertKit, offers the opportunity for readers to form a stronger connection with An Ideal Life, receive notifications of new content, and download bonus content. The forms included on our website, as created via ConvertKit, detail what data will be collected, in addition to that required by ConvertKit. Please see their privacy policy for more information. Newsletter signups may collect additional data, including (but not limited to) IP address, date and time of registration), and the form used.

Data or information collected in reference to our newsletter will be used to deliver the emails associated with our newsletter or to investigate potential misuse at a later date, providing legal protection to ConvertKit, An Ideal Life, and other related parties.

An Ideal Life’s newsletter will be delivered only to readers who’ve submitted their information for that purpose, including a valid email address and confirmation of subscription. The double-opt-in process offered by subscription confirmation ensures an email address is provided by its rightful owner.

No collected data will be sold or otherwise knowingly given to third parties. Newsletter subscription may be terminated at any time.

An Ideal Life’s newsletter may include tracking pixels, a facet embedded in emails to allow for statistical analysis, including whether an email is opened, whether links are selected, and whether the email arrives successfully. This data will not be shared with outside parties.

Contacting An Ideal Life

An Ideal Life can be contacted via email or the contact page on our website. Data & information transmitted in these communications is shared voluntarily and is not shared with outside parties.


An Ideal Life uses unique cookies to personalise your experience on our website. These files may collect, store, or track information, which may be used for statistical or analytic purposes. Readers may accept or decline cookies, though many browsers will accept them automatically. Deleting or declining cookies, the reader accepts the risk of website features not performing properly.

Third parties may utilise cookies to provide personalised advertising and related content to An Ideal Life readers and users of our website.

Affiliate Relationships

Information & data about An Ideal Life readers/users may be transmitted to our affiliate partners in order to provide relevant products and services. This information will be treated in accordance with our/their Privacy Policies.

Outbound links

An Ideal Life contains links leading to websites which are not controlled by our team. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties or outside websites. For information on their practices, please see the privacy policy for any outside websites visited.

security of data & Information

An Ideal Life takes reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized use, modification, access, or disclosure of information provided to us and our partners. However, security cannot be guaranteed in any wireless data transmission. In providing information to An Ideal Life, you acknowledge that there are security and privacy limitations with such internet use that are outside of our control. Despite our best efforts, there is an unavoidable risk of data and information being viewed or altered.

In the case of breached data

In the event we are made aware of compromised security measures or unauthorised disclosure of user information, An Ideal Life reserves the right to act in accordance with these crimes, including (but not limited to) investigation, reporting, and notification to and cooperation with law enforcement or legal authorities.

An Ideal Life will make reasonable efforts to notify affected users, through a notice on our website, should we believe there is a risk of harm or where notification is required by law.

Changes & Amendments

An Ideal Life reserves the right to alter this privacy policy, effective at the time an edited version has been posted. When changes occur, we will include a note at the bottom of this webpage. Please note that the use of the website after such changes implies consent to any such modifications.

Acceptance of the privacy policy

By use of this website, you acknowledge that you have read our privacy policy and will be bound by the terms included herein. If you do not agree to these terms, use of this website and its services is prohibited.

If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact An Ideal Life.

Published 1 January 2021