The blog isn’t my only project! My “day job” is as a freelance editor and writer, I’m a widely published poet and author, and I run a small press/literary magazine, Nightingale & Sparrow. Thinking you’d love to have my expertise behind your brand? You’re in luck—I take on a wide range of freelance editing projects.

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In my own work, through my work with Nightingale & Sparrow, and with my freelance efforts, I have more than six years of experience in copy editing and proofreading.


Once you’ve completed your final draft, you might very well be sick of reading through your work—and your brain is sure to trick you into missing errors. I’m happy to use my grammatical expertise in UK or US English to ensure your copy, be it blog posts, fiction, poetry, or something else entirely, is sound and error-free!

$0.03 per word

Copy Editing

If you’re looking for more help than the basic look-through my proofreading services provide, copy editing can help. I’ll review your work for not just spelling and grammatical errors but more in-depth considerations like flow, structure, or readability. This will make your text the best it can be!

$0.05 per word

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If you’re ready to book my freelance writing, editing, or design services, I’m ready to hear from you! Reach out at [email protected] and we’ll get to work.