One of my biggest goals for An Ideal Life is to collaborate with some of my favourite brands on product reviews, sponsored content, affiliate relationships, and other projects. With that in mind, a disclosure is necessary!

An Ideal Life may collaborate with brands to promote their products or services, including (but not limited to) product reviews, affiliate and referral relationships, and sponsored content on the blog or its affiliated social media pages. In return, the brand may provide monetary payment, discounted or complimentary products/services, and other forms of compensation.

Regardless of any reward received for collaborative content, all opinions on An Ideal Life are my own and reflect my honest feelings about the products and services I use to create my own “ideal life.”


All posts on An Ideal Life will include an explicit disclosure before the body text reminding readers that references to products and services may contain affiliate or referral links. If the blog (or blogger) and a brand collaborate on a sponsored post, product review, or other compensated content, that relationship will be disclosed as well.

In addition to these in-post disclosures, you can always refer back to this full disclosure, review our affiliate relationships and influencer programs, or peruse some of our favourite products.

Juliette’s books and other projects, including future products created for An Ideal Life, may also be promoted in posts and elsewhere on the blog. She, her publishers, the blog, and other partnerships will be compensated for any sales made through these promotions, as with any other sale.

This disclosure was reviewed prior to publication on 1 January 2021 and is subject to change in the future. The full text, with any relevant changes, will always be available here on the site.