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Chewy Must-Haves: My Favourite Pet Products

My emotional support cat, Fitz, is three years old now (and the star of one of my poetry books!) and has been with me since he was just a baby. For pretty much that entire time, we’ve been using for all of his pet product needs! From food and litter to toys and treats, we turn to Chewy for all our must-have pet products. Today, I’m sharing a few of our favourites, plus some items from my Chewy must-haves wishlist!

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Our Chewy Must-haves

Chewy Goody Boxes

For a gift that will work on several levels, look no further than a specially curated goody box from Chewy. With options for both cats and dogs, your fur baby will get an assortment of toys, treats, apparel, or other goodies—not to mention, the box itself. Fitz has had four of these now (the standard cat goody box, birthday box, and the Halloween and Holiday seasonal boxes).

Melatonin Chews

Fitz has always been pretty anxious, and bedtime is no exception. One of these melatonin chews just before bed makes things easier on us both! He prefers them to be split in half before he chows down but, once they’re halved, they’re one of his favourite snacks.

Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush

This is one of the family dog, Cooper’s, favourites! He got his first “Lambie” years ago, and we’ve since added to his Lamb Chop collection at least once a year.

Friskies Chunky Chicken with Extra Gravy

According to Fitz, the best part of his favourite wet food is the gravy. So, his go-to wet foods are always the saucy sort! We’ve started keeping a large pack of this Friskies canned food on hand so he can get it regularly.

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter

Fitz & I live in a small space, so his litter must do its job. We’d been using a pretty decent variety for a while but, when I noticed how well this brand seemed to work while pet-sitting for friends, I knew we had to try it. I still try to run our hand vac (the one I use is similar to this!) around his litter area every morning as I scoop, but the Arm & Hammer clump & seal cuts down on any scents and definitely minimizes the mess.

Temptations Mixups Backyard cookout cat treats

It’s hard not to love the adorable packaging of these cat treats, but they also happen to be one of Fitz’s all-time favourites. They’re currently out of stock but we thankfully have a few extra packs on hand—and will be keeping an eye out for the chance to order more!

Hartz delectables squeeze-ups

Not long after coming home with me, Fitz had a spurt of urinary tract issues. It was pretty scary but, thankfully, some prescriptions and diet adjustments had him feeling better in no time. Believe it or not, these kitty go-gurts, as I affectionately refer to them, were the key to getting him to take his medicine…and even be excited about the next dose!

Redbarn barn bagels

This is another one of Cooper’s favourites! I’ve had to stay away from Coop & his barn bagels since developing a peanut allergy but they remain one of his must-have Chewy items. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than that 11-pound pup prancing through the house with a “donut” in his mouth!

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

When Fitz first came home, his Aunt Monica (coincidentally, my best friend) gave us a few items, including this cat litter deodorizer. While we don’t use this in his current litter, we keep it on hand for another reason. A little sprinkle on the bottom of his litter genie makes all the difference in keeping it tolerable between (and during) cleanings.

Litter genie disposal system

Speaking of Fitz’s litter genie…my mom picked this out as a gift for us a few years back and we’ve used it ever since. With the same concept as a baby’s diaper genie, this nifty device makes sure your fur baby’s waste is kept just as clean!

Purina ONE Urinary Tract Formula

After his issues as a baby, the vet recommended we move Fitz to a urinary tract-specific formula of dry food. I spent some time researching “good” brands but, much to my surprise, Purina came highly recommended by our favourite vet at the practice! Ever since, this has been our go-to, must-have brand.

SmartyKat Skitter Critters

Fitz’s “mousies” were one of his earliest toys and remain one of his favourites to this day. There’s just something about a simple catnip mouse, it seems!

SmartyKat Fish Flop Catnip Crinkle Toys

Another one of Fitz’s earliest toys and long-time favourites, these catnip “fishies” are another of our absolute must-haves. These colourful fish are catnip-filled, crinkly, and perfect to entertain your kitty.

smartyKat Bubble Nip

A while back, “Nanny” (aka my mom) surprised Fitz with some catnip bubbles. It quickly became their “thing,” and they made time for some bubble fun as often as possible!

SmartyCat Catnip Mist

Can you tell we enjoy SmartyCat products? This catnip mist is perfect for refreshing older catnip toys or making Fitz’s unscented favourites even more appealing.

Greenies Feline Smartbites

One thing Fitz absolutely despises? Getting his teeth brushed. Just before COVID hit, we were working on getting him a dental appointment. But, in the meantime, feline greenies (he loves the catnip and chicken varieties!) and the occasional water additive keep his teeth a bit cleaner. Plus, a bit of hairball prevention never hurt!

SmartyKat Cat Caves

Catnip-infused paper bags are a cat toy made in heaven! These were a Christmas gift from Nanny just this year and quickly became a new favourite.

Cat Grass Seed Kit

This is another new addition, though one we’ve had on hand for a while. I first got a cat grass kit when Fitz was a baby…and he quickly set out to accomplish his life’s mission of knocking it everywhere. Eventually, I bought a replacement but hadn’t put it together until just recently. I actually put a few seeds in a Yoda planter I had on hand and am already growing a few sprouts! For now, Yoda is safely out of Fitz’s reach. But, once it’s had a chance to grow more, we’ll put it at ground level.

I couldn’t find the exact Yoda planter I have online, but here’s an awfully adorable Grogu (“Baby Yoda”) version that just might be on my wishlist now. 

Bones & Chews Slim Beef Gullet Stick

While “cow oesophagus” isn’t exactly an appealing phrase in my eyes, these gullet sticks just might be number one on Cooper’s list of Chewy must-haves. Mom always makes sure there are a few of them in his autoship!

Purina Beyond Chicken & Egg Grain-free Cat Treats

These grain-free treats probably wouldn’t have been on my radar if we hadn’t gotten them in one of Fitz’s goody boxes. But I’m so glad we did because they’ve quickly become a must-have!

Cat tunnels

Treats aren’t the only goody your pet will fall in love with after opening a goody box. Two of Fitz’s favourite surprises were tunnels! We first got this Frisco cat chute, then received a second in buffalo plaid (no longer available) in the holiday box. I rotate the two tunnels (and his newest addition, a cardboard cat cafe from ALDI) for the sake of saving space and keeping each toy fresh for him.

Red Dingo Breakaway Collar

A brightly-coloured collar gives me peace of mind knowing that, even if Fitz were to get out, it would be clear at a glance that he has a home. Paired with his microchip, I like to think that nightmare would be a temporary one! But my top priority was making sure it was one that wouldn’t put him at risk if he got stuck on a branch or other obstacle. Red Dingo saves the day with a collar that does just that!

Outward hound hide a squirrel

Cooper loves this puzzle toy, both as a whole set and with the individual squirrels. Even Fitz has cuddled with a little squeaky squirrel from time to time!


Fitz - Chewy Must-Haves



Cooper - Chewy must-haves


We’ll occasionally add to this list as we find some new favourites. But, for now, a look at what’s on our wishlist!

The Chewy Must-haves on our wishlist

Collapsible wire crate

Fitz has always been a big cat—not fat, but large. We’ve gone through a few different cat carriers, with limited success. He was too big for most crates I could carry and even chewed through a lightweight fabric version! Thankfully, he’s pretty good on his harness and leash, so vet visits and other nearby visits are manageable. But this wire crate is on our wishlist to snag sometime before my big move (if you didn’t know, I’m aiming to move to an apartment in the city in the next few years!). This seems like the perfect solution for the inevitable long car ride!

Cat treat cake

How adorable is a cat cake? I definitely plan to add this one to an upcoming autoship to surprise Fitz with a special treat.

PetCube Bites 2

Even working from home, I can’t spend 24/7 with Fitz. I absolutely love the idea of a camera with two-way audio so he doesn’t feel so alone! I’ve got this one, in particular, on my wishlist because the occasional treat will make him even happier.

Frisco Hide and Seek Guacamole Toy

I would never have guessed that a guacamole-themed dog toy would be this gosh darn cute. But guess what? It is! Similarly, you can even get a puzzle toy shaped like your pet’s beloved Chewy box!

Trixie Lounger Wall Mounted Shelves

Right now, we don’t have the room for Fitz to have the ginormous cat condo/castle he deserves. To be honest, the apartment I have my eye on likely won’t either! In the meantime, I’m eyeing up these wall shelves as a way for Fitz to climb on something more appropriate than the human furniture.

Frisco Faux Fur cat Tree & Condo

We don’t have the room right now but, someday, I’d love to treat Fitz to a cat tree/condo of his very own!

Mini - An Ideal Life

Mini - An Ideal Life

Mini - An Ideal Life

What chewy must-haves do you swear by for your fur baby? Let us know in the comments so Fitz or Cooper can give them a try!

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