A Very Witchy Etsy Haul

For a long time, I’ve been exploring my spiritual beliefs and practices. Today, they’re still developing and I’m still learning. But, in the process of figuring things out, I’ve fallen pretty solidly into the category of “witch.”  Most recently, this manifested as a very witchy Etsy haul!

Crystals, by far, are the witchy supplies I’ve been collecting the longest. I can remember an elementary school trip to a local mine, where I found an amethyst-coloured stone embossed with the image of a silver cat. I still have a box filled with rocks I picked up over years of adventuring with my grandparents. My family’s favourite local amusement park has a mining museum, where I’d always run my fingers through their bin of tumbled stones.

Later, I started collecting crystals that were more purposefully metaphysical, and adding in other tools, like herbs. Back in Gettysburg, I’d turn to The Crystal Wand at their previous location. In Bath, Arcania was my go-to. But today, in middle-of-nowhere, PA, my options are limited. That’s where Etsy comes in and saves the day!

I’m a long-time browser of Etsy for witchcraft supplies and more. But this was the first time I really dived into Etsy shops with the sole intention of purchasing some magickal supplies. I’m happy to say it was immensely successful! I’ve grown my collection by leaps and bounds with new crystals, herbs, candles, jewellery, and other tools to enhance my spiritual practice.


I’ve actually made a few separate purchases from BlueWynter over the past few months! Their jewellery, crystals, and other pieces are so beautiful, and their customer service is unparalleled—I’ve received a few lovely complimentary pieces in addition to my orders and each fit my intentions perfectly.

Witchy Etsy Jewellery
Wire-wrapped necklace, lapis lazuli ring, rose quartz ring (with sunstone & melting quartz, I believe!), unakite heart necklace, rose quartz & garnet bracelet, lapis lazuli pendant, fluorite pendant by BlueWynter; green aventurine and jade pendants from WitheringEye

These are just a few of the pieces I selected, but be sure to check out the full BlueWynter inventory—there’s so much to enjoy!

It’s also worth noting that BlueWynter has frequent sales, so you can stock up on all the magickal jewellery and other items on your wish list!

The Serene witch

I came across The Serene Witch while searching for magickal items that were specific to Hekate, the deity I’ve been working with the longest (at least in terms of non-Christian figures).

Witchy Supplies Etsy
Box from Withering Eye, Hekate serenity beads from The Serene Witch, bell & key from MysticalFaerieCo

I selected a pair of prayer beads for myself, but they’ve also got keychains and other lovely pieces


I first came across MysticalFaerieCo while searching for an altar bell. I fell in love with this vintage bronze bell and skeleton key, particularly with the key’s associations with Hekate.

Witchcraft Supplies Etsy
Scrying bowl from MysticalFaerieCo, selenite and self-love crystals from BlueWynter, Tangerine Quartz from WitheringEye

Moonstone and LAzuli

Moonstone and Lazuli was actually one of the first shops I came across, but some technical issues delayed my order a bit. I was thrilled to pick up some lovely items once those were sorted, including a blue goldstone, selenite stick, amazonite, tiger’s eye, indigenous-owned juniper-pine-spruce-sage bundle, and some mystery items.

Healing Crystals Etsy
Various crystals, including tiger’s eye, blue goldstone, and selenite from Moonstone and Lazuli


WitheringEye is another shop I’ve found myself returning to for repeat purchases. One of my goals with these Etsy orders was to find an array of new-to-me pieces, and “witch kits” or boxes were an easy way to do just that. Their traveling altars and spell kits were perfect!

Altar Supplies Etsy
Altar tray, offering bowl, herbs, and candles from WitheringEye; incense from Moonstone and Lazuli, satchet of vervain from Vampire Obsessed

Each kit is prepared in a gorgeous thrifted box. It’s clear that so much care and attention goes into each order. Even with some shipping issues (UPS somehow overlooked the various “fragile”markings and damage several items), Kendall was responsive and attentive. I know I’ll be returning to WitheringEye for more magickal boxes!

Because each set is uniquely assembled, my exact items are no longer available. But WitheringEye has a wide array of beautiful witch kits in stock! I selected a Green Witch Kit, Hekate Offering Kit, Altar Kit, Traveling Altar, Money/Prosperity Spell Jar Kit, and Dream Work Kit. I’ve added some gorgeous vintage boxes, crystals, herbs, candles, and other beautiful pieces to my collection through these kits!

Santa Muerte Rosaries

I found myself pulled to Santa Muerte only recently but that call was strong. I took to Etsy in search of some Santa Muerte-specific pieces and Santa Muerte Rosaries came through!

Santa Muerte Etsy

For my initial order, I chose a white acrylic & howlite rosary and a Santa Muerte statuette/keychain. They came with some wonderful insights into Santísima and, while we’re still getting to know each other, I think she appreciates them, too. I’m so looking forward to incorporating these in my practice!

Schmerbals Herbals

I mentioned Schmerbals Herbals in my post on where to find the best teas online, but found them in my spiritual supplies search. I’m excited to try my hand at crafting some custom tea blends in addition to using these for spellwork!

Witchy Etsy Haul
Boxes & herbs from WitheringEye, spoon from MysticalFaerieCo, citrine from BlueWynter

For my initial order, I picked up some yerba mate, lavender, blue vervain, valerian root, eucalyptus, dandelion root, elderberry, ashwagandha, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, feverfew, peppermint, white willow bark, and marshmallow root (powder and organic).

Grey Kindred Spirits

Grey Kindred Spirits

Grey Kindred Spirits isn’t technically a part of this witchy Etsy haul, but deserve a shoutout nevertheless. In addition to spells and rituals, Lask and Spencer perform a variety of pro bono and discounted spellwork, including LGBTQ+ supportprotection of abused partners and families, among others.

Consider commissioning a reading or ritual from Grey Kindred Spirits to help support their work!

Vampire obsessed shop

One more bonus addition is called for here—the Vampire Obsessed Shop by HairSheBowsDesign. While not a shop with a spiritual focus, I know I can’t be the only witch who still loves the Cullens and Salvatore brothers. You’ll find a variety of vampiric pieces, including Bella’s moonstone ring and Elena’s locket! The latter even comes with a satchet of vervain to stock your locket—and protect yourself from compulsion, of course.

I’ll undoubtedly return to these shops and discover others over time, but I’m so happy with my initial witchy Etsy haul! These crystals, herbs, and other magickal supplies have already enhanced my spiritual practice and I can hardly wait to embrace them further.

Mini - An Ideal Life
Mini - An Ideal Life

My Law of Attraction Success Story

My Law of Attraction Success Story

I believe in magic(k). I’m a fan of all things woo-woo, defined by Merriam-Webster as “dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific.” I’m still learning in a lot of ways. My mindset needs a lot of work and I take in personal growth content like my life depends on it. And, to some degree, I guess it does. I’ve been learning about manifestation for years but it suddenly became clear to me just a few months ago. The spark? I experienced my very own law of attraction success story.

In one of many iterations of my learning more about LOA, I set out to make a virtual vision board. With Pinterest at hand, I turned to Canva (the perfect tool for creating a digital vision board!). It was amidst this process that I came across this image:

vintage blush pink skincare fridge
Image by Blondie in the City

At this point, we were a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequentially, I was a few weeks into my first serious skincare regimen. Although it was a new interest, it was one I was already starting to love (and still do!). As I researched the best products and tools for me, I came across skincare fridges countless times. But, seeing the hefty price tags, I knew it was a long-term addition to my arsenal, at best.

Still, between my newfound love for skincare and the gorgeous aesthetic of this picture, Hayley’s photo made its way onto my vision boards. It fit the mood of my ideal life perfectly. So, even if it didn’t seem possible just yet, it was a must-have addition.

I ended up with two vision boards using the photos I’d accumulated. One was a landscape grid, which I set as my laptop background and the other was horizontal, formatted for my phone’s lock screen. This way, it would be the first thing I’d see whenever I opened or closed my phone or computer!

Canva Grid Vision Board
Canva’s grid feature is perfect for creating a virtual vision board & implementing the law of attraction!

For months, I saw my digital vision boards countless times each day—I spend a lot of time on my phone & computer as I run my businesses! I didn’t see much in terms of success. Like so many others, I struggled through 2020. Still, I stuck with it. And, come autumn, the vision boards paid off.

My mom and I headed out on a (masked) shopping trip, in search of Christmas gifts and a few necessities. As we started into Walmart, we spotted a display of colourful mini fridges as part of their pre-Black Friday offerings. I was excited to see the discounted price, about $25, the vintage style, and the stunning colours.

At first, I was drawn to the gorgeous mint fridge. In part due to my love of Tiffany & Co., mint has been my go-to colour for years! But something about the blush pink stood out to me and I broke my own rule of thumb—I picked up a pink mini fridge and brought it home, adding some of my favourite skincare products and some other goodies.

Get a similar fridge here!

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I connected the dots. This was the same fridge I’d saved to my vision board! I could hardly believe it—and had a hard time believing that coincidence alone could explain it. Could there be a more mundane explanation, a simple matter of pretty colours catching my eye amidst happenstance? Sure. But I choose to believe in magic(k), manifestation, and the law of attraction…and will keep on working on my mindset.

Because my first law of attraction success story came from my vision boards, I recently recreated them. Who knows what my next manifestation success will be?

Mini - An Ideal Life



I was raised Lutheran until my family converted to Catholicism when I was a teen. But I’ve always been drawn to paganism and spirituality. I even worked as a professional paranormal investigator for a while!

I don’t often put a label on my spiritual beliefs, but you’ll find an array of them here. From crystals, herbs, tarot, and sigils to the law of attraction & manifestation, I’ll share what I learn and apply to my own spirituality & “ideal life!”

I turned to Etsy for some magickal supplies and found myself with a very witchy Etsy haul, filled with crystals,
My Law of Attraction Success Story
I've been learning about manifestation for years but it suddenly became clear to me just a few months ago. The