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A Weekend in Harrisburg
Despite living in PA for most of my life, I haven't spent much time in the capital. That changed after
My Journey Through the KonMari Method
My journey through the KonMari method is far from over, but I'm excited to share that journey and everything I
Cruelty-Free Valentine's Day
Set yourself and your sweetheart up for a cruelty-free Valentine's Day, with all the red-and-pink-heart trappings the holiday warrants. 
Modified Dave Ramsey Baby Steps
For those of us with more nontraditional lifestyles, a set of modified Dave Ramsey baby steps, with space for customization,
chewy must-haves
These are our favourite pet products from, plus some items from my Chewy must-haves wishlist, from food & litter
Healthy Lifestyle Apps
My smartphone is an invaluable health & wellness tool, especially with the best healthy lifestyle apps I've tried (and loved!)
101 in 1,001
Like a bucket list on a smaller scale, a 101 in 1,001 list details 101 tasks to be completed in
Books I'm Reading
I plan to to read 300 books in the next ~2.75 years. Like any good blogger, I plan to share
Apps for Spoonies
Some of the best tools I've found to manage chronic illness come from my smartphone. These are the best apps
Like so many posts here on I’ve written, the story behind this recipe take place in England.  Really, avocado toast