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The Best Productivity Tools for Spoonies
With many productivity tools focusing on healthy, neurotypical users, they won’t all work for disabled folks who want to be
I turned to Etsy for some magickal supplies and found myself with a very witchy Etsy haul, filled with crystals,
The Best Professional & Personal Development Books on my TBR
I chose some of the best professional and personal development books on my TBR and ordered quite the book haul—which
Productivity with Chronic Illness
From research and my own experience, I’ve created a sort of guide to productivity with chronic illness, to help me
I’m constantly searching for the best online tea shops and the best teas they offer. Here are a few of
My Path to Burnout Remission
I’ve gotten good at managing an overloaded schedule but it’s not sustainable. Instead, I’m working on a path to burnout
Vegan Sausage Pasta Bake
I recently tried some new-to-me plant-based foods, including Gardein's sliced Italian saus'ge, which led to an easy vegan sausage pasta
My Law of Attraction Success Story
I've been learning about manifestation for years but it suddenly became clear to me just a few months ago. The
Best Springtime Films
Check out some of the best springtime films out there for all the flowers, Easter bunnies, and rebirth you could
My Mobile Office in a Bag
As a full-time freelancer-blogger-poet-publisher, keeping my most important tools in my mobile office in a bag is key to being