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Staying Cool in Summertime as a Spoonie
Staying cool in summer is a struggle when you deal with chronic illness. Here are some ways I’m staying cool
Chronic Illness Products On My Wish List
I'm slowly accumulating tools that make disabled life a little easier, but there are still a few chronic illness products
Coping with Chronic Migraine
For as long as I can remember, I've dealt with debilitating migraines. They've always been horrible, with pain, nausea, speech
LookHUMAN Mug Haul
I’ve been a fan of LookHUMAN for ages, but it took me until just a few months ago to start
Working Full-Time with Chronic Illness
As our social media followers may know already, I started a full-time (albeit remote) job this summer. Before this, I
No one says, “Here’s how to make a five-year plan and why you’d want to. Knock yourself out!” With this
East Coast Travel Destinations for your Summer Bucket List
The east coast offers some amazing destinations, and with summer on its way & plans trips being planned, I’m sharing
vegan bacon avocado toast
I love a basic avocado toast brunch, but this tempeh-topped vegan bacon avocado toast is a delicious version of this
vegan barbecue ideas plant-based picnic
From family reunions to graduation parties and other celebrations, there’s nothing quite like firing up the grill and bbq-ing your
My white bean-avocado salad can be eaten in a sandwich atop a standard green salad, over toast, or even as